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  1. So now that boats have been updated, don't break upon impact, and can travel crazy-fast on ice, I wanted to make a mini-game that would involve that. Back in the day, fun mini-games are what we'd build on our residences, and this would kinda be a throwback to that.

    What I came up with was a game of "Bumper Boats", where 6 players (1 of each wood type) push each other off a raised ice platform, and the last player standing (or.. sitting) wins. I even started designing an arena in SP which I would replicate on a residence here on EMC:

    (A lever in the control room raises the six boats up simultaneously)

    I had a suspicion, however, that boat behaviour might be a bit different on EMC, so I tested it, and it turns out that you can't push other boats when players are in them. I assume this goes hand in hand with not being able to push players in general, when standing. My mini-game is impossible with this feature disabled.

    For the most part, I see why pushing was kept disabled on EMC, since it can be used for illegal PvP, and is oftentimes just annoying. However, I ask that it be added as a residence flag (default off), to give players the option to have it for whatever reason they like. I'm sure there are some uses besides "Bumper Boats" that people could come up with.

    Pushing people, be it standing or in boats, is a Vanilla feature, and I don't think allowing it as a residence flag would do any harm. To me, it's just a question of "can it be done?".

    I hope this isn't already in place and I just made myself look stupid...
  2. +1
    I was also thinking this idea of "bumper boats" mini game. The push flag would be nice to have, for it would be useful :3

    I was also thinking about like battle ship or something like that cause u can have team even 2 players in one boat and you have to destroy the other teams boats with bow and/or sword while in the boat. ( give the people the destroy boat flag XD )
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  3. +1 must be added!
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  4. Bumper boats. Never would have thought of that. +1 and neat game!
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  5. Thanks for the feedback so far, guys! :D

    We could use some more eyes on this, though, so I'm gonna bump (or, push) it to the top.
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  6. Totally love this idea, good thinking Uber! I would assume that this is just a server setting that can easily be toggled on and off, so being able to do it on a per residence basis does not seem to be too difficult to accomplish, since it seems thats what a lot of our current flags are. Something to look into dev team to maybe include with the next update?
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  7. Do not see why not.

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  8. Ah, I'd like that too!
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  9. I see no reason not to add it. Bumper Boats? Count me in! :p
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  10. +1 Love the bumper boats idea!

    EDIT: I especially love the idea because it would allow us to have elytra launchers :)
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  11. I would never use this myself (then again... who knows) but I can definitely see how this would be useful to others. If this is actually doable then I sure support the idea.

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  12. I love the idea +1
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  13. sorry but the way mojang implemented pushing in 1.9 makes this extremely too hard to do.
  14. +1 all day!

    Edit: Ninja'd by Aikar :(
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  15. Oh.. :(
  16. Although I'm not familiar with the code itself there's one thing I can't follow here. If you guys already managed to turn this behavior off wouldn't it mostly involve applying some sort of toggle based on the players location?

    I'm a bit curious how this particular behavior differs from, say, players hitting other players? (not asking for an explanation of the whole mechanic of course, I'm just curious what the main difference and bottleneck would be).
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  17. Pushing is controlled by the client now, and the client can only ignore people pushing them if a Scoreboard Team setting is changed.

    So we just had to change the default team setting to always deny, and the internals are not in a way that this can be conditional without significant work (ultimately the decompiler doesnt always work, and the files related to this are in bad shape)
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  18. Just a note, for those of you that didn't know, bumper boats has been around on EMC for years. It's available on smp3 at /fun
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  19. So everyone on EMC is on the same team? :p

    So you're saying it would have to set a player to a different team than anyone on the res, upon entering the res, and then back to the default team upon leaving, but this isn't do-able? That's a shame. I guess we'll have to wait to see if Mojang changes the way it's implemented..
  20. Yup... but Mojang probably won't.
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