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Yay or Nay?

+1 4 vote(s) 15.4%
I'm indifferent to this idea 3 vote(s) 11.5%
ehh.... 2 vote(s) 7.7%
-1 17 vote(s) 65.4%
  1. I've submitted this through the forms, but I also want to hear some feedback on this idea.
    My idea is a promo voucher. We can have very rare promo vouchers which can be used to obtain any past promo since the birth of EMC. It can be used only once by any member.
    You can obtain it by killing mob bosses including momentus, marlix, Blizz Ard etc. but has about 10-15% chance of dropping, depending on your difficulty level.
    I'd like this to be a thing because this gives a chance to make money, to bring back memories, and have use for the promos long since forgotten. I was inspired because my mineral mincer (fortune III) is nearly at an end and I remember there being a fortune IV or V promo at some point. I'd really like to have that again...
  2. We have one. ICC Eggnog. It's not a drop but if we have one be a drop, it would be too OP. Sorry but I'm giving a -1
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  3. Well, we have already had this in the past - the ICC Eggnog. They're really expensive and rare and are used as promos themselves rather than redeemables. I think that if this voucher was implemented, then it would just become a rarer item in itself and would rarely be used for what it's meant for anyway. I think that the current drops are nice and adding more drops for the current mini bosses is a bit unnecessary.

    It isn't a bad idea by any means and has been implemented in the form of the Eggnog in the past, but I think that the older promos should remain collectibles like they are, and some of the older ones are available at events like the current 400k member one anyway. Even the Ore Buster is available from that! :)
  4. I agree with everyone else, this would be too op. The point of promos is that they are sometimes rare, at least the old ones. You can get more by events like the 300k and 400k. :) -1
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  5. thank for ur feedback guys :)
  6. unlike everybody else I like the idea. and I would like the voucher to let you choose the thing you want. A+
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  7. if emc wants to have more money, they can put that promo voucher for 50 - 100 $ in the shop with the same use as the eggnog. But then pay to win I'm all against it. -1
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  8. May I ask why you think it's a good idea? Consider my points in the post above and what other people have said, you may well have good reasoning - I'm intrigued. :)
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  9. sudden salt?
  10. I'm not totally against the idea, but even 10-15% seems too common. As previous commenters stated, it would be too OP, and promos would quickly lose their value. Maybe, if staff does even consider it, make it like 1% or something. Rare, like a wither skull.
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  11. Is that what you think? :p It's not meant to be salt... it's a genuine question, because if he has good reasoning then it may well prove some of my facts wrong, or present a good argument in favour of the voucher. There's nothing wrong with being wrong sometimes! :)
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  12. Sees suggestion, "Oh wow I can get that Dragon Egg that I always wanted!"


    You would ruin the reason why we should collect promos when we can just get a "Free Card" of every promo that was given.
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  13. There are nicer ways to approach things...
    I appreciate the feedback and I've been given plenty of reasons on why this wouldn't be a very good idea. Instead of a promo voucher, we could, not should, have a wall or something that presents every single promo item EMC has ever released with descriptions. Just another suggestion
  14. I agree with everyone else in this thread. This would be to OP so -1 from me.
  15. Its called the Wiki mate. :) http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/custom-items/
  16. I hope I did not come across as rude in any of my posts, I was only meaning to be informative and inquisitive of other people's reasoning! I don't think you were referring to me, but you did mention the saltiness, so I just wanted to add that as it was not intended to sound that way :)
    As Wolf said, the Wiki is the best place to go to look at all of the promos. The custom items section that Wolf has kindly linked you will show you every custom item in every section available on EMC! :)
  17. We have that (somewhat). There are quite a few EMC musea out there which feature almost everything like this. The best example, one I usually frequent, is 16500 on SMP8.

    Its closed right now (reopening soon I hope), but that collection of promo's and items is (IMO) mind blowing.
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  18. Well not every custom item :) but mostly all of them
  19. The answer is easy, there are a lot of promos and vouchers that are probably impossible for me to get(this includes dragon egg, Ham Hacker(because every time I come to a mall they are out of stock, and when I ask to make a deal the prices are pretty high)). Well mostly these 2 items but still, such a voucher would do some real good for new players and people that didn't get the promos or vouchers. The point is that while some members that have been on for a long time, they have stronger items with which they start fighting or using in other ways. Even thought none of the ones I know are OP(over powered) but you understand the idea.
  20. It should be every custom item, even the 'Not Special Dirt' is on there. If there's one we've missed and you think it should be then PM me and some other members of the Contribution Team. If we see the item fit to go up there then it will be added - if not then we'll tell you why that item is not up there. Is there a specific item you had in mind? :)
    The dragon egg isn't a custom item, only the Original Dragon Egg is custom, and that item will never be recirculated. As for the Ham Hacker, that certainly isn't impossible to get, there are many around and all you need to do is save up to buy them as yes, they do cost rupees and are not going to be very cheap, but that's because the promos are rare and that's sort of the point of them too. Your reasoning sounds like it's just because you want items that you don't want to save up for and pay for - I respect you for answering, but I'll still stand by my reasoning, saying that it's simply just going to be too OP. But, as before, if you have any more to add then please feel free to quote me on it! :)
    There's also my custom items museum on SMP9 at res no. 18200! :)
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