[Suggestion / Poll] The 1.7 - Biome update

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What would you like most?

Option 1: Keep Frontier, reset Wastelands 25 vote(s) 48.1%
Option 2: Keep Frontier, reset Wastelands, add Frontier-1.7 17 vote(s) 32.7%
Option 3: Reset Frontier, reset Wastelands 17 vote(s) 32.7%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hello everyone,

    Minecraft 1.7 aka the biome update:
    Please read: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Future_Features

    Option 1: (Current plan)
    Keep Frontier.
    Reset Wastelands.

    Option 2:
    Keep Frontier.
    Reset Wastelands.
    Add a third world: "Frontier-1.7" and also keep it forever.

    Option 3:
    Reset Frontier.
    Reset Wastelands.
    (Probably enabling vault in Frontier for one week just before the reset.)

    BTW the poll is not official, its not even sure if option 2 is technically possible. There is also a chance that option 3 will be declined by the stuff. Due to the nature of the options, I felt like allowing multiple choices. These are just suggestions.

    MC 1.6 map example:

    MC 1.7 map example:
  2. I don't think frontier will get reset, but it would be nice if they put new outposts further out into new territory. I remember this discussion from when jungle biomes came out lol.
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  3. I personally think it would be awesome to have a new biome updated 1.7 frontier, it would be awesome to build in the new biome worlds without it having to be reset (because otherwise it would be the wastelands) :)
  4. Maybe not a new world, but outpost like 20-30,000 blocks from main spawn, so it has all the features of the new biomes and is easily accessible. I really want to make a tree house or something in a covered forest, it looks awesome.
  5. No resetting frontier. But add a 1.7 wastelands that is a new world!!!

    Also, what will iron golems drop in 1.7? They drop roses now.
  6. That's a good idea. I'd like outposts 100,000 blocks away :)
  7. What so they've stopped dropping iron? Or is the roses an additional drop?
  8. When 1.7 is release (rumoured for during minecon) and we have updated EMC servers the explored frontier will remain as it is but unexplored will, when explored, generate using 1.7 terrain generation. So if you want a Mesa biome for your frontier base you would need to head out and explore.

    Wasteland will be reset and the whole wasteland will be created using 1.7 generation.
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  9. Anything Minecraft used the rose for previously, will simply be replaced with a poppy. This includes every rose you have. And Golems will simply drop poppies.

    Davie is completely correct. The last time we did a FULL reset was because Minecraft switched from its old map format to the Anvil format. It saved us a lot of time and hassle to simply reset it. New biomes are not really enough reason for us to completely do a reset given how much of the wild is relatively unexplored, and easy to get to with a little nether travel. The whole reason for the creation of the wastelands, was to have no reason to reset the Frontier.

    In fact, having new map generations is nice on EMC, because it pushes people to go further out. If you have to brave one massive ocean to get away from them, I think its a good trade to avoid resetting the whole thing. And, no real reason to create a whole new world, as we have a world for new biomes to be quickly found, and thats the wastelands.
  10. Does this include my Valentines gift and Valentine Rose? ~FDNY21
  11. Yes, the valentines day rose will be a Poppy named 'EMC Valentines Day Rose'
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  12. I'm just posting this as a suggestion for what we can do to have both 1.7 and the old frontier:
    Make new outposts in the frontier 30k blocks away from center spawn. Or farther.

    As for this thread, the wastelands will get reset, and the frontier will not. Adding a new 1.7 world...? I'm not to sure about that, it sounds cool to have, but it'd just be another frontier. Maybe the biome variants should have a higher frequency of spawning in that world? It'd be a lot more fun to explore :p
  13. Okay thanks ISMOOCH! ~FDNY21
  14. The only problem with pushing people out means longer travel times between town and wild base, for example it took me four hours today to get to my pirate ship via the wild, and about half an hour coming back through the nether - and that was with most of my nether tunnel still intact. My pirate ship is about 35,000 blocks away from spawn.

    Travelling through the nether isn't ideal, unless you have a tunnel, and as things go, peoples tunnels cross over and they block up peoples tunnels and it turns into a rabbit warren (I would be totally lost going back from all the tunnels intersecting mine), portals get linked so you come out somewhere unexpected or destroyed completely as mine was.

    I think new outposts would be a good idea, people are still going to want to explore and push out, just to find new lands and treasures if nothing else but if travel times become a major part of your play time, I don't think many people will want to build wild bases in the new areas.
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  15. I would like to announce that I will journey into the wild on SMP2 to make an outpost in newly generated chunks and new biomes. Everyone will be welcome to join, and if anyone wants to upload and record, they can :)
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  16. I'll come :)
  17. Ill pm you.
  18. Smooch, I seem to notice that no one has mentioned the fact that each MC world is technically 900,000,000 km2, by word of Notch. I don't think any of the EMC worlds have even 20% of that explored as it would take days to weeks realtime to journey to the edge of the world. From experiences with my MC world from Beta 1.5, the worst that can happen is some minor-moderate biome shiftage and flat walls at the edges of previously unrendered chunks. However, I do think that the frontier worlds should probably get a set of secondary outposts (or at least one) further out, pending that it doesn't interfere with previously placed outposts, etc.. :)
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  19. Cool idea to make new outpost that take you further out in the Frontier Wild, but i am curious if this means that people who made bases far out in Frontier Wild to be away from griefers, will now we close to an outpost and thus at higher risk of griefing.

    Just something to consider.