{Suggestion} Please expand character limit for OP

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  1. With the new snapshot that came out today, I looked forward to updating my Official 1.8 Thread just to find out that I cannot add the new features to the OP due to the 1000 characters limit. And I then remembered that the current posts is just below 10000 characters (9997 or something) and it really limits it.

    I ask that the character limit be expanded to 15000. It will make gigantic difference and help threads like mine.

    Something else that could be helpful is a "Move below OP" button so that you can move your post below the OP to "allow" more room.
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  2. How often does one create a thread exceeding 1000 characters, though?
  3. Actually it is a 10000 Character Limit.
    So, just reserve some posts next time :p
  4. Verified that for yourself, did you, brick? :p
  5. It is uncommon but it can be a problem.
    I try that often but that dumb wait time always allows people to reply first.
  6. Shhh...
    One time long ago, I copy pasted something bigger than 10000 characters lol :p
  7. *Adds 0's and 9's*
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  8. It does not matter if it does not happen often. I really do not think it could do any harm. I have not seen any spam threads using the most characters possible ever on EMC, so I do actually not see any cons. There are pros though, for threads like an update overview, but also for 1 year or 700 days threads, you can be in a great need of characters. So come with your cons now! :D
  9. i think its a xenforo thing, the auction rules thread needs to be expanded too

  10. I never said this addition would cause problems, I was merely querying as to why Sky made the suggestion. :)