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  1. TL;DR: You are able to ping players on other servers to get their attention.

    So as I'm sitting here staring at my computer waiting to talk to someone on a server I can't access, stage,
    I know I can't message people cross server and that that may be added in the future, and I know I could just mail them but that requires me to sift through my hundreds of chests to get my hands on a book or use 50 rupees to send a renamed item. So what if we could just ping people? Like only friends even?

    Suggested commands

    /ping on/off (Allows that player to determine whether or not they want to receive pings from players that aren't on their friends list)
    /ping friends on/off (Same as above but includes friends)
    /ping send (playername) (Sends a ping to the specified player)

    Limitations are as follows

    Players must have their /ping on for any player to ping them (Avoids staff or anyone from getting spam pinged.

    A ping may only be sent once every minute. This is only to get the attention of someone on another server without leaving yours.
    Now I know this isn't something important, and I may be the only one with this issue, and it even could be removed when cross server chat is implemented. Just a thought, could probs even be improved.
  2. I like this a lot actually. I have friends that are constantly on other servers so /ping would be awesome!

    +1 from me
  3. or we can just get cross-server /tell
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  4. I can only imagine that that would be a tad more difficult seeing as how it's more of the player's typing words after a command rather than just a command itself. This would be like /p'ing someone and then that someone receiving a notification.
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  5. You may want to find another name. Something tells me /ping is already a thing. :rolleyes:
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  6. True dat. Perhaps /poke?
  7. lol
    I have tried /ping on ******** and it says this after:
    Whats a ping? Is it like a poke on facebook? :p
  8. Chickeneer suggested poking once, which is basically the same as this. Aikar, denied it, though.
  9. doesnt it ping if you get a mail?
  10. It does, but he doesn't want to send mail as it costs him resources or rupees.
  11. i think thats a good way to limit pings instead of a seperate system, keeps people from spamming you. tbh i dont really see the need for pings at all but someone probably does the friends list thing already tells you when someone is on so could we elaborate on what pings could do besides letting someone else know you are online that popping on the server and sending a /tell cant?
  12. Stage, Player has chat turned off for other reasons, player is a staff and can't add other to friends list, and or you are in the middle of something and just need the attention of someone on another server real quick. It's not a flat out message otherwise this would be a replica of a suggestion for cross server chat.

    Not that I don't wanna send resources or rupees because I have plenty of those. It's mainly because a few of my friends are constantly on stage doing build team or staff things. Since I can't access that server I figured this would be a temporary way to get their attention until cross server chat is out. I don't see how this would take much effort as it could simply ride off the code on the mail system, but instead of costing rupees or resources it would just notify the receiver.
  13. I never get a ping when someone sends me a mail..?
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  14. Oh. Never mind, then, I never get mail while online anyway :oops:
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  15. It's a way to see how much delay there is between the client and server connection.
  16. meh i suppose interacting with stage is reason enough,
    do you play wh40k btw? thats a nice sanguinious avatar
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  17. It's actually Kayle from league so no. I do know some who do though.
  18. woot wh40k