[Suggestion] Picture Scrolling

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  1. Howdy guys,
    You ever have just that one painting you wanted to "complete" that elegant feeling of a room without going back and forth switching it, knocking it off the wall ?

    Wouldn't it save time if we could just move our crosshair's over onto a painting that's already hung on a wall and use the mouse-scroll to literally scroll up or down through all of the available pictures, given that there is adequate space around the painting for it to change ?

    I know this is completely extra and as all this would reduce is your feet running around catching the painting being flung off the wall every time you hit it. But couldn't this be achieved easily or would it be more work coding than it's actually worth ? :confused:

    Hope this hasn't been suggested before, lemme know what y'all think! :cool:
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  2. If this isn't possible, right clicking the painting with a stick could be great too. +1
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