[SUGGESTION] PG-13 Town Chat Channel

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Do you support this suggestion

Yes 10 vote(s) 29.4%
Neutral/Undecided 6 vote(s) 17.6%
No 18 vote(s) 52.9%
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  1. I think a PG-13 chat channel would be a good idea, it keeps some of the chat that people want to discuss but may not be completely okay for children under 13 to read out of the main town chat, maintaining the "family friendly" aspect of EMC.

    Before the player switched there would be a warning message displayed to the player, warning them that the chat may contain PG-13 material.

    Mumble has it, why not bring it to the server?
  2. Nah, I think we have enough channels as it is.
  3. Yep, this is good, i'll spend my time on PG-13 for a loooooong time...

  4. I agree with you Cory :p
  5. If you got a PG-13 chat, you would need to make a PG-13 chat alternative for Town, Residence, Local, and Supporter chat.
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  6. I voted no. What you are spamming on all the servers with a link to this post is misleading. You're asking for a *less* family friendly chat, rather than "Keep EMC family friendly!", you wish to make it less family friendly by encouraging stronger language, no thank you.

    As said above, there are too many channels as is, and the rules are pretty clear about what is/is not allowed. If you feel you need to use stronger language, then perhaps you should not be saying what you want to say on EMC.
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  7. This would go against the aspect of EMC being family friendly, though.
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  8. If you'd like to chat with PG-13 material, you can always form a group and talk there.

    I feel as though this would fragment the community into two different Town chats, which is a bad idea. We need to keep as much chat to town as possible so it doesn't become a wasteland; that's a reason as to why Empire chat is being held off on.

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  9. and how would you enforce the age limit?
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  10. I'd imagine it'd be the same as Mumble is currently. There's no actual enforcement, just a red message that says:

    This channel will most likely have swearing/profanity. (Rated PG-13)

    (If it's added.)
  11. Little kids will still join the chat no matter what. -1
  12. -1

    EMC is a Family Friendly Server. If this was enforced, how would someone prove how old they are. Also it would cause way too much drama.

    If you want to swear, use a wall. lol
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  13. Perhaps hook it up to the forums and make it age restricted?
  14. personally, i think this would split up chat too much, it would increase work load on staff members and just complicate the rules, people would be getting mutes for "accidentally" saying something pg-13 in non pg-13 chat.
  15. Uh, one word: No. My parents let me play on this server only because its PG. ( and that doesn't mean i am a "little kid" :p)
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  16. EMC is a family friendly server, but the rules state that some words are allowed. If you don't want to hear the words we use, use PenguinDJ's advise and go into a group chat with your friends. As well, Ive been taught that, we'll be hearing these words being used ALL the time in the real world and that I'd get used to it now. But, some parents are different and I get that, but that doesn't mean we should have a chat filter for words that they let their kids hear at the movie theaters. Rant over.
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  17. 100% agree with this. If I want to have more adult conversations with my friends, we just join a group and chat there. Easy fix.
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  18. If you want to have more adult conversations, get on mumble, nothing is making you stay on the server if you don't like the language restrictions.
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  19. -1

    Sorry, but I also don't like the suggestion. I just can't help fear that this is bound to result in inappropriate comments finding their way into Town chat. We've all been there, right? You wanted to say something in Res chat and it ended up in Town chat by accident?

    And yeah, just /invite the people you want. I know this doesn't prevent wrong chat comments, but I do think its must less likely because of the rules (we all know you can't say certain stuff in public chats) and because you have to take action before participating.

    So yeah, I think group chat should be more than enough...
  20. I'm not voting in the poll but I don't think this is necessary. I understand where it probably came from though. Some people get very very easily butt hurt in town chat. I have had people tell me I have to stop talking about something because they want me to... didn't work out for them of course. I always let people that think that PG chat is too "strong/harsh," both silly words to use to describe language, that there is always that /ignore command. I don't see many people going out of their way to antagonize people in chat or that many people getting butt hurt. Again I understand where it is coming from but I think it's just unnecessary.

    Strong/harsh language... the content and idea behind a lot of the conversations both in game and on the forums can be much more disturbing than using a "curse" word. I don't for the life of me understand how the idea of a "curse/bad word" even evolved into a societal forum in which so many people have poured so much emotion and money into. Oh wait, money... nevermind.
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