[SUGGESTION] /pay (username) (amount)K

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Good idea?

Yes 21 vote(s) 70.0%
No 1 vote(s) 3.3%
LOLCAT 8 vote(s) 26.7%
  1. Recently, I payed someone 130,000 rupees. Only to realize that /pay (username) (amount)K doesn't work. Instead of doing this:

    /pay ShyguysAlternate 100000

    I suggest adding this:

    /pay ShyguysAlternate 100K

    Of course there are some pros and cons to this.

    • More Efficient and quicker to do
    • Lessens the amount of numbers occupying the command
    • Excellent for numbers ending in there 0's
    • This command might take some getting used to, and it might be painful
    • Not the best with random numbers like 100829

    What I propose to the random number idea is to keep that, but have numbers ending in three 0's, replace with a K, like the shops.

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  2. I like this idea. I think you should be able to use 100k and 100000 so it won't cause confusion.
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  3. +1, but like trombone said up there you should be able to pay both ways.
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  4. I agree as it would make things easier, now that Aikar has added the use of K and M on shop signs I think he should add it to /pay as well. :)
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  5. This is a great idea. It would be much easier to type! +1
  6. I'm actually a bit in between; it is less typing but it also seems easier to make mistakes, and those are going to be pricy ;)


    Agreed. It would make things much more consistent.

    SO yeah:

    +1 :)
  7. +1

    only 2 or 3 zeros to check with the k variable instead of going all the way and count all the zeros to look if you pay too much or not.

    I put my mouse between the 3 zeros that constitute the hundreds and the beginning of the thousands to make life easier but this would make me pay in seconds.
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  8. *Pays 100k instead of 10k*
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  9. Omg yes ! +1 There has been multiple times where mistakes have been made because of not having that there.
  10. good idea +1 maybe for payments over a certain amount a confirmation box should be confirmed too.
  11. I'm lovin' the idea. :D

    Yes that too, have both ways be doable so people can still pay with the 3 zeros as if nothing changed and they're unaware of the update (not that they won't be informed on the forums).
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  12. This sounds like a good idea. +1
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  13. this would definitely help when i'm paying for an auction, or even just in general, and would also keep me from making many mistakes that i am likely to make. + 1 ! :D
  14. If both are an option then why not, sounds good to me! :)
  15. I like it +1
  16. +1

    You'll less likely put an extra zero in the number because it's much easier to read :)
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