[SUGGESTION] Optifine for Servers

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  1. Hey Empire!

    I don't know if EMC has the Optifine plugin or not, but if they do, call me stupid and please delete this thread.

    If they don't I would appreciate if it was added, because I am feeling a lot of lag, even after the 1.8 update, and I've asked many others if it was there.
    So it's not just me.

    Please help everyone have a better Minecraft experience with no lag :rolleyes:.

    Thanks everyone!
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  2. Optifine is not compatible with servers. Feel free to install it with their 1 click installer to your client. :)
  3. I believe Optifine is a client side mod, not a server side plugin. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Optifine is not for servers, just for the clients of the players playing on them.
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  5. You could say we are using the Optifine of Servers by using Spigot+EmpireCraft =P
  6. Lol
  7. I remember from somewhere there is an Optifine plugin... not just the Client side.
  8. SEP already gave you the link for it.
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  9. Is there a way to install Optifine with Forge for versions 1.8.1 and above?
    Do NOT tell me Google is my friend. I have tried her many times and she doesn't spit out too much good info. :p
  10. you don't need forge
  11. I know.
    The problem is I use mods too. :p
    I hate dis though.
    If only Optifine made a thing for Forge.
  12. OptiFine isn't really compatible with 1.8 versions of Forge. I'm not really sure what you mean by 'If only Optifine made a thing for Forge', because it's completely up to whether or not the mod was made to work with Forge or work independently.
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