[Suggestion] Non-Op Command Blocks

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  1. I think an awesome addition to EMC would be the implementation of command blocks to all player, I think the uses of them should be limited though. Imagine you host an event where the winner crosses a trip wire or pressure pad to signify the completion of the race. Maybe make it so you have it hooked up to a command block to give the person who rode over the wire to be given Container perms.
    Just a suggestion and in no way shape or form should we all be given the ability to spawn structures and what not, just simple EMC commands such as giving permissions and the sorts.
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  2. As soon as the Command Block came out, everybody wants this and we still want this +1
  3. - Has been suggested before by wisepsn.
    I think it was denied ;3
  4. maybe add commands similar to that able to be used on signs?
  5. /r pay @p <#> would make my casino life so much easier.
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  6. Command blocks can be made into a lag heavy machines even not being Op ones. Remember on Emc we try not cause continuous lag for members to play smoothly so prolly good reason why Aikar hasn't used them in any features.
  7. I want command blocks just for the design :l
  8. I don't think it'd cause that much lag if it was just normal usage. Sure we don't want long chains of them but one command block for paying somebody isn't that bad.
  9. I can see them being abused in the sense, *WAM* you didn't see a pressure plate around a corner that made you pay 10k rupees. It can cause a TON of drama, and knowing how crafty some people are with command block code, its still not a good idea.
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  10. It can be set up like the slot system
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  11. I don't think you get it. If the command is /r pay @p 1000 (for example) running the code would give the nearest player 1000 rupees from the command block placer's account.
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  12. Cons outweighs the pros when comes command blocks
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  13. If you made them like 1k per block, obviously people wouldn't do it so people would just do it for games and such. I see no problems with that.
  14. Well, Like Dwighty said, Since there are countless CONS and not as many count of Pros, Its a bad idea. I think we've reached a good statement here.
  15. Another tricky thing: there isn't any recipe. Would you only be able to buy them at Empire Shop or could you also get them like you can with vault vouchers?
  16. just add the commands to signs or something
  17. Maybe make a way to limit the amount of times a command block could be activated.
  18. As much as I like to reason with people about these things ... unless you are an op, you can not use command blocks on a server; unless there is another plugin installed ... so even if it was enabled ... we couldn't placed it without being op, and we couldn't use it cause it wouldn't save after editing them; and the only op people are the Admins (and perhaps senior staff) ... So working around this would require a complete rewrite in permissions files to determine who is Op or not (and to make it work for everyone, would require everyone to be op and in creative)... which I seriously doubt would happen :p

    However, a few mods that could work efficiently with what you guys want - and isn't hard to learn:
    computer craft
    misc peripheral
    open peripheral

    However, those would require it being added to the server, as well... so sorry guys.
  19. What you are saying doesn't make sense, I'm pretty sure NO command blocks are used so I don't see how they would have to adjust those permission. Also wouldn't they just have to code it so that all commands barring those that aren't from plugins are null and void?.
  20. http://empireminecraft.com/threads/suggestion-command-blocks-read.27611/