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Is this a good idea?

GREAT! :D 8 vote(s) 25.0%
Good. :) 8 vote(s) 25.0%
Fine. :| 7 vote(s) 21.9%
Bad. :( 9 vote(s) 28.1%
  1. After seeing the most AMAZING stuff that people have done with command blocks, and the /playsound command in 1.6, I have came up with the most craziest idea. Before you just comment down, "this is dumb its not going on empire" read the post.

    So what would happen is the empire shop would sell command blocks(ID = 137) for about 5-12k at the /shop. With a command block, you can only do the commands that you are originally allowed to do in EMC. So what you could do with a command block is you could use a comparator next to a shop sign that is selling a beacon, and the comparator would connect to a command block, and the command block will use a command to play a xp sound.(Using the new /playsound option in 1.6.2). If you put /say in the command on the command block, it will say it in /c r instead of broadcasting it to the entire server. If a person was spamming messages with the command block maybe the command block could stop its coding and the system will private message the player giving a warning. (This is the only thing that may be a problem.)

    I believe it will benefit EMC by 3 ways: To make awesome adventure residences. If a person wants to make a person teleport to another part of the map(sort of like slender), they could use command blocks without pressure plates. 2: To make awesome redstone inventions. 3: It could help with residences and chat. You could make a message that can go on the residence like for a shop, so you could say, (Food at Green Floor or, Need to stock on blue floor.) With the need to stock idea, you could put switches in through out the floors, saying (Help) and it will tell the owner that a customer needs help, like Walmart. Or maybe if a item that is usually out of stock, you could put a lever above it and have the same idea.

    Before you comment, "too much coding, blah blah blah, we need better stuff than this", please just keep in mind that there are suggestions for a reason. Without new stuff and coding, the empire would get boring!

    If you try and do something dumb and do /op or /gamemode 1 it will just say the "not allowed message" on your screen.

    Commands like /r pay or /v wouldn't work. If you did @a on a command block command, it would ONLY teleport people from your residence meaning it will not teleport people outside your residence. If you put on @p on a command, it would teleport a person that was next to the command block(if you do not understand, please click the links below. :D )

    Here is some information about command blocks. :)



    Comment your ideas down.
  2. I also meant to put I have mixed feelings on the poll.
  3. I personally need command blocks for my...
    Oh never mind that.
    Anyways, this is a very good idea, I just wish that it could be finalized a bit more?
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  4. So we could do /v @p 10101 and it'd just tp you to a random lot? Doesn't seem really useful, and this would break command blocks set by admins (if there are any).

    And, it needs to be thought out a bit more before being even considered.
  5. Before we even get into the fact that you need to be an opped player in creative to use them, it is also worth noting that thy are only usable with the vanilla commands, which EMC uses little of. No to mention that they could possibly be used to force commands onto people, such as /r pay. Then there is the work of tailoring the broadcast to work only in res chat.
    Bottom line, I think the work needed for this far outweighs the possible benefits, particularly for something that could not be implemented to it's full extent.
  6. No no no. We couldn't do @p ingame.. Also I don't think a person will just make a command block to tp RIGHT to another residence.
  7. As to my knowledge, command blocks aren't used on EMC, and also the /v @p wouldn't work even if they were implemented.
  8. I am sure aikar could just code a way for player that BOUGHT it to be able to use the command block :cool: Also, I should have said commands like /r pay or /v wouldn't work.
  9. Oh, if it's possibe, I'm not saying he couldn't do it.
    But make note of the last bit, I think that this is far too much work and coding for features that will ultimately be nerfed down from their vanilla gameplay versions. We don't go for less on EMC, we go for more :)
  10. I like the concept but I don't like that you can't use /r pay with it. It would be really useful for casinos and such to have a fully automated system. (Cash payout and no exchanging vouchers/tokens)
  11. Not sure what the benefits are for a server like EMC... I'm not too sure you explained it well enough... or your ideas just didn't make sense to me.
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  12. That wouldn't work because people we be putting /r pay wisepsn 1500000000000 on a redstone clock or something >_>
  13. Add another parameter; for example /r pay x y where x is who's account is getting deducted and y is who is getting paid (you can insert a variable for y to work for the game player).

    Security; much like shop signs only the person specified in 'x' can place a command block with their name as 'x'
  14. Bumpsn! :D
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  15. I think it would be funnier if it did like the fake op plugin and kicked people :)
  16. I very much like the idea. This would be great for the EMC community, only one thing.Your proposal needs to be finalized, like what my friend brickstrike said.

    Also, with making the command blocks saying something when activated s similar to the Gold and Diamond supporter perk with the entering residence and leaving residence message.

    And hopefully, Aikar would be able to eliminate all commands of "boosting" in the game, such as /xp or /creative or even /op.
  17. I love this idea. Of course Aikar would have to remove some of the commands and have some tweaking but this could really work.
  18. From what I read in your post..



    and a quote from Biscuitboy

  19. Explain why do you think this is a bad idea. You wrote in your post saying its dumb and you don't like it, even though you didn't bother to chime in and say why you don't think it was a great idea. Please explain.