[SUGGESTION] No Twitch Links in Town Chat

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  1. With the new implements of in-game twitch streaming, people can now stream EMC from a few clicks. People saying in chat things such as, "hey, check out my stream here!" with a link gets annoying. I think a rule should be made limiting or making it so people can't link their stream in town chat.
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  2. +1 they should add a "Twitch" forum section under share your lets plays, for people to put their twitch streams.
  3. Well given that a good, popular stream can be a great way to advertise the servers I don't think that sounds very fair. As long as they stick within the rules about spam etc. I say leave them be. :)
  4. I saw somebody say in chat " Watch me play ergkmrignting ". +1, this will be annoying if it is not ceased.
  5. Well wat about my idea about a "Twitch" forum section, its still advertising, and spam free?
  6. I don't think this is necessary. As long as the twitch broadcasters don't spam it, then I don't see a problem. I think it is too pushy to make a rule to not put the links. -1
  7. Barely anybody would probably go on the Twitch forum section anyway.
  8. I like how people try to advertise. I would say -1 because as long as they dont spam, its nice for people trying to share there stuff.
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  9. *their and I would rather they share their stuff on thy forums.
  10. ...
  11. Town chat isn't meant for sharing peoples Twitch streams, they can do it on the forums if they really want to get it out there.
  12. In town chat people share links for peoples threads. A person could go to a Twitch forum section and just copy the link and put it in the town chat. :p
  13. I don't think we will downright outlaw posting these in chat. BUT! doing so in a spammish nature is against the rulez
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  14. Thats better than a direct link to twitch in my opinion
  15. As quite a few popular youtube lets play players have said/agreed upon "If you're good at making videos you shouldn't have to advertise everywhere" As well as "if you have to tell/ask and go so far as to beg people to watch your videos then its obvious your not making them very entertaining" or something along those lines. Which is something I agree with.

    And some people might counter with the same old lines "but if you don't advertise then no one will know about you" or something like that. Well word of mouth is always pretty good. If you actually make entertaining videos then others will find out from the people who do stumble upon them. As well as doing co labs with more popular video makers.

    Advertising in game isn't really ever a good way to getting people to go to your videos. It's just like the old pop ups that would come up in the past. Most people would just exit out of them right away without even paying attention to what it said. And the only people who actually did click on them were either the people to stupid to realize it was probably a virus or a waste of time and/or the people who would accidentally click on it by mistake when trying to close it.

    These days when I see people advertise wanting people to watch their video or stream or whatever I don't click on their links its just usually another person who's desperate for views and okay with annoying other players who are there to play not watch videos of other people playing.

    But yeah the market is flooded with minecraft lets plays these days cause a few people made decent money off doing it and then lots of people thought they could get away with making boring videos of them playing a game and make lots of money off it.

    First off if a person who steams is advertising on the server they are streaming the server and for you to check them out, the only people who are gonna see this stream and learn about EMC is usually the people who are already on EMC.

    And second there are no popular streamers that are gonna come to EMC (no offense EMC). Most popular ones only go to white listed servers that only let in a couple dozen players. Or the occasional special server that does a sort of game type thing like dwarves vs. zombies or something.

    They wouldn't want to come here and get a plot because they would be hounded every day by fans who can easily get on the server and bug them while they want to play. It's just like when famous players join a special server (like a pvp match game) they get a crowd of players all standing around them constantly saying the same thing over and over again wanting the player to reply to them (and get mad if they don't get a reply). And/or they join a PVP match and because they are popular some players get it in their mind if they kill them (or they just don't like them either way) they will become famous so they go and constantly try to kill them over and over again.
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  16. Although lengthy; I see a lot of truth in this ;)
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  17. Easy Fix Solution: Ban chickeneer.
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  18. I say it should be let be, it is a cool way to show people what they do. Unless it is non-related to Empire Minecraft. Hopefully no spam. -1
  19. I have to agree with chicken on this; chat isn't just for one person ... it's for everyone to talk on.

    Saying people can't say things just because someone else doesn't like it - shouldn't be a factor on telling them 'Sorry you shouldn't talk about sugarcane, cause too many people have sugarcane farms' ... that seems unfair and unjust.

    That is a similar thing with twitch - it is a new mojang feature - and is encouraged to be used to promote people and the spreading of minecraft fun.

    If all else fails - you can always /ignore or /chat off
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  20. ±1. Reasons below.

    +1: Maybe we can allow it only in local/res chat and private messaging, though?

    -1: 1.7 was released for EMC about a week ago. I say let the people do what they think is right. If they spam, then they get the punishment they deserve. *glances at chickeneer's Ban Stick*