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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by lottie1664, Jul 31, 2015.

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  1. Hey everyone,
    I've had this idea for a while, I just haven't remembered to post it in the suggestion box.
    So, for a new type of supporter, you have to think of what colours are already used. Personally, I went through the rainbow.

    Red- [vacant]
    Orange- Gold supporters
    Yellow- [vacant]
    Green- Mods and Senior staff
    Blue- Diamond supporters & Developers.
    Purple- Aikar & krysyyjane9191

    So, Red and Yellow aren't being used.
    Then I went through some of the ores and ingots, to create a name for the new type of supporter.

    Lapis- Not Red/Yellow
    Diamond- Already being used
    Emerald- Not Red/Yellow

    The list goes on and on....
    Until I thought, "Hey, redstone is red, and red is one of the 'vacant' colours!"
    So how about Redstone supporters!

    Name colour- Red (obviously)
    Daily Rupee bonus- 1,000r
    Number of residences- 3
    Named residence locations: 30
    Max vault pages- 35
    Residence tags- 15
    Base stable slots- 4
    Less ads- Yes
    Automatic daily bonus- Yes
    Reserved slot- Yes
    Supporters forum- Yes
    Supporters chat channel- Yes
    Customize residence messages- Yes
    Utopia access- Yes

    Cost per month- $15 (USD)
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  2. I like this suggestion. It probably won't be added as they have no reason to, but I like how well thought through it is.
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  3. -1, the supporter ranks are fine as they are...
  4. I like the idea of it, although it wont be added like toto said
    so +0

    EDIT: after writing this I realised there is really no need for an extra rank
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  5. Don't forget Maxarias.
    Anyway, I feel like there's enough supporter ranks at the moment. Though there would be a few benefits, there's no need.
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  6. With how many times I have seen similar posts about new supporter ranks, this will probably be overlooked or denied like the so many that came before it, unfortunately, but like was stated before, it is very well thought out.. :\
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  8. I like the idea but don't think it is needed now, so +0
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  9. One small comment; you overlooked our beloved Iron supporters:

    Grey- Iron supporters.

    Figured I'd mention it because well; it maybe the first level of "supportership" but it's just as welcomed as any of the other levels.

    I don't have an opinion about your suggestion itself but I also like the way how you thought this over.
  10. I'm not sure if this is what is meant by "a rank that you keep" on the 'already suggested ideas' thread but I think it would be nice for there to be some sort of lower tier (cobblestone/oak?) one-time supporter pledge where maybe it grants some minor token benefits.
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  11. It's basically a lifetime rank. 1 large payment for a rank that never goes.
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  12. If we were to ever add a new rank, it definitely couldn't be Red. If Aikar won't let me or Maxarias be red when we wanted to change to it, that means it's off the table.

    Trust me, we've tried...
    Scary red names are scary people.
  13. -1

    The Emerald Supporter has been denied in the past ( if my knowledge is correct ) probably because players that don't know about supporter ranks, and they see moderators in action; they will get players with the emerald supporter confused with the Moderators/SS(Mint).

    Redstone Supporter already been discussed by krysyy :p

    To me the Gold supporter is yellow, not orange. :confused:
  14. Purple is a lot nicer <3
  15. +0 I don't Know About this one. I kinda Like it and kinda don't. i don't like the idea of Gold Being Orange =P. But I don't really Know its kinda in the little below +0. but i think the supporter ranks are fine as they are.

    EDIT: -1 I thought about it and i don't really like it :p
  16. I wouldn't say a large payment. I'd say 20-25 bucks for a token rank (e.g. Cobblestone/Oak) and maybe it gives some small benefit but nothing that detracts from the current ranks, iron and up. It would be a way to show support for players who can't afford monthly and basically be free money for EMC but there would still be the incentive for iron+ ranks for residences, r bonus and other bonuses.
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  17. I know on another server that they have 2 monthly ranks and then 1 lifetime rank. The lifetime rank is a lot more but costs less if you're paying every month.

    Wouldn't really work well on EMC due to how the budget is and I believe Aikar is already quite tight on how much he can spend.
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  18. It would be a cool addition and I would love a red name, but from what I see it most likely wouldn't be added.
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  19. There is a bit of a mix-up happening here. You're responding to nfell2009 but she wasn't commenting about your suggestion but only explaining what the "a rank that you keep" was all about (the one on the already suggested ideas wiki page).

    As to your idea: it's fun but there is a small problem with it: Tokens were always meant to be some form of personal currency which couldn't be traded / bought but had to be earned. If you create a purchasable rank which allows for extra tokens then you'd create a situation which would go directly against that principle.

    So I don't think you should include tokens into the whole supporter issue.
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