[Suggestion] New SStaff service: bedrock placement

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  1. Hi gang!

    This suggestion was triggered by this friendly service from MrColt45, be sure to check out his thread.

    In the upcoming version we'll most likely be able to create Ender Crystals. An eye of ender in the middle, a ghast tear below it and surround it with glass: instant crystal awesomeness.

    The Ender crystals may only be placed on 2 types of block: Obsidian and Bedrock. The first is relatively easy to get, the latter not so much even though it probably looks cooler on top of it (of course this is a personal opinion). Also because if you /summon such a crystal in then it'll float on top of a Bedrock "slab" by default.

    And that made me wonder if it would be possible / feasible to add a service where we can buy one block of bedrock (including placement) as long as it used for mounting an ender crystal?

    Note: obviously the service should include placement of the block, because I'm pretty sure that I know what might happen if players were to get their hands on bedrock blocks by themselves ;)
  2. Seems legit to me. We should employ this idea and fuel it! XD I'm sleepy, so sorry for the silly wording, but honestly, I like it. ^_^
  3. Well i wanted SS to remove my bedrock from my res and let me keep it. That was shot down. Bedrock is off limits to us my friends. Only the Flintstones can have such a thing..................
  4. Well ya gotta think about it. They don't want peeps falling in the void or any other evil things happening. ^_^ It's all in good rules for a reason, mate
  5. They will let you remove bedrock. It's a matter of keeping it.
  6. now that you are talking about end crystals also, you might want to check that flags protect them from exploding =P
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