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  1. I have two new promo ideas that have come to mind. They were briefly thought out, so I need your input and ideas.

    Promo #1

    A specially renamed Horse that when spawned, is always an adult with a Sadle and Diamond Armor. No matter how many times you egg it, it will always be an adult when spawned again. As for the saddle and armor, those will come with the horse and can never be taken off. Just like starter horses, the speeds will be random when first spawned. :)

    Promo #2

    For Christmas, a specially renamed fern, saying 2015 Christmas Tree!
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  3. Pretty good, liking the idea but it would be cool if it had a random chance to spawn with a type of armor. What i mean by that is maybe it could just be completely random. Random stats, random color, random armor or even no armor at all. Maybe you cant even place any armor on it if it doesn't have any. Just a random thought lol but i like the idea :)
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  4. Probably not possible, but here's a christmas idea:
    A chest named "Christmas-Tree-In-A-Box"
    Lore: Right click this in an empty area to spawn a christmas tree. Break a christmas tree block to get the tree back.

    When you right click in an empty area, a tree spawns with some glowstone and wool on it. If you try to break it, it all disappears and the chest goes into your hand or at your feet.
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  5. I do like both ideas (stoneslabgod's and yours) but I''m nut sure aswell of it is possible, and, did you think about the horse's name? and, indeed, you should use emc.gs/suggestpromo :p
    and, about stoneslabsgod: I think it will be possible, but to do that you'd need mods I beleve. and I'm sure Ailkar doesn't like it to use them...
  6. No mods needed, just some coding.
  7. ^The only thing I am against. Multicolors. :p

    Great promo ideas!
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  8. *gets on horse takes armor, saddle, gets off reeggs, repeat*
  9. Yeah i think instead of fern have an actual tree like slabgod said
  10. He said the armour and saddle could not be taken off
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  11. Hehe... Is that possible to code?
  12. Maybe im not a coder so i would not know