[SUGGESTION] New derelict features.

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Are these good ideas?

All of them are good. 5 vote(s) 18.5%
One of them is good 13 vote(s) 48.1%
Two of them is good 2 vote(s) 7.4%
None of them are good 7 vote(s) 25.9%
  1. Here are my ideas:
    I think that if a player has been derelict for over 6 months, Their player data (/p) should be hidden, so if someone did /p <derelict player's name>, it would say 'data not available'. If they ever come on to EMC, the data would be available again.
    If a player has been derelict for 6 months and over, they should have to complete the tutorial again, as major changes may have happened like updates or new servers being added.
    Finally, I think there should be a /res preserveclaim. This would allow you at actually keep the structures and chests on the residence instead of it being wiped with /res forceclaim. It should have a high cost to execute this command, for example 50k.
    Thank you for reading my ideas!
  2. Not really keen on this idea. It is nice to see when someone really last logged in.
    The tutorial isn't updated enough for this to work.
    Love this!
  3. For the first one:
    I think perhaps you should have an option to turn it on and off depending on if you want to see derelict player's info. I don't know about other players, but I use /p on derelict usernames quite a bit, and it's useful to see when they were last online (e.g. a friend).
    For the second one:
    In my opinion this is a great idea - there's been quite a lot of 1000 day old people coming online after years of not playing. This means they always have to ask questions (which of course I don't mind answering), so it would be useful if they were refreshed on all the rules etc.
    For the third one:
    I think this would be abused - say perhaps a megamall or promo store went derelict, and millions of rupees worth of items were bought for just 50k. In effect it's kind of stealing, as I doubt the owner of the res would like to come back to EMC to find their residence and, exactly how they left it, owned by another user who is benefiting from their hard work.
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  4. The first idea doesn't really have a purpose to it, I'd say no thanks to that one, and as for the third one, I see why you have suggested it but I don't think that is what the Empire needs at this time. The derelict system is there to give residences to new players and other ones that are active, not give old players that left all of their stuff back.

    As for your second idea though, it has a good purpose and would have a good outcome. There's no harm in making players that are derelict for 6 months or over do the tutorial, so I'm in favour of that idea. :)
  5. I'm curious as to why this might be needed? :confused:
    A potential idea, but players can do /tutorial at any point if they need a refresh, forcing then might not be ideal.
    Will likely never happen, forceclaiming residences is purely to open up the res for use, not for personal gain.
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  6. I said for example. As I am fairly new, I do not really know the exact values, but there are't loads of derelict promo / large shops around.
  7. The first one made me shudder, I got a friend who left he gave me his reses I vote for him every now and again I just don't think that's fair :p and it's not nessecery
  8. I understand that, but I don't think someone should be able to buy someone's belongings and/or structures that they worked hard on without their permission, no matter the amount of rupees.
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  9. Love the last one! :p
  10. I think it'd be better if their res was automatically deleted. Then it would allow more space for new players.
    Preserveclaim would be like buying someone's res, but the money would just be going into the void and the actual owner would have all their ideas forcieably stolen/bought from them. And honestly, most people who do forceclaim these days dont want the stuff--they want the plot because it's right next door to their own.
    I don't think the tutorial thing is needed.
    And as for /p, i think when you try to abbreviate, like doing /p toto, it should show the most recent registered players instead of the older ones, so i'm getting /p toto_style123 instead of a long-gone /p toto_bearxyz
  11. I don't like this idea. I like looking at when a player last logged in - its the main reason why I use the /p command. I have old friends I like to 'check up on' if I haven't seen them in a while, and they usually haven't logged in for 500-1,000 days. I like to feel old :p

    This would have my approval if the tutorial was updated enough and new features were added quick enough. A few years ago, new big features would come out every few weeks - its not like that anymore.
    IMO this idea is pretty sound :p
  12. NOTE: sorry for my bad grammar in the poll questions :p
  13. As a note, this already happens, System clears residences when the server reaches full.
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  14. When I read it, I thought he meant the player could do the command. When/If they player got their res forceclaimed, they could just claim a new res and they're stuff would spawn on it. I have a feeling this would be a difficult task though. (I also may have read it wrong)
  15. I am sorry, but I do not see this having any use on the Empire.

    This has been suggested, and possibly might happen.

    No, it is not fair in general. People would be abusing this command to make a profit off of other people's residence.
  16. I don't see the point of this.
    I think it should be suggested, not mandatory.
    This has been suggested many times before, and the definite answer was "not a chance." It's just not fair to get free stuff because someone doesn't play.
  17. I also don't see any benefits here.

    toto_style123, would you care to elaborate on why you thought these were good suggestions?
  18. Don't like the first one. Same reason as felly
    Second one is reasonable.
    Third one is not good because what if someone had duped TONS of stuff and never been caught for it and when someone were to force preserve claim it and suddenly have like 10 DC's of beacons/Diamond blocks. Yeah not good.
  19. I don't like the vote options because they seem too harsh to me. I think your suggestions are good, but the problem is that I don't really like them. Most has already been said, but figured I'd chip in as well.

    But most of all I want to say that you should not to let the amount of people who don't like your suggestion get the best of you. Don't let it discourage you from coming up with more suggestions!