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  1. I am not sure about the full details but I think that there should be a special thing you can do where you advertise your place for a week or so on the Empire Website. The problem is that I do not know whether it should cost rupees, OR $$. PROS AND CONS
    1. Possibly less income I am guessing, unless you add a special spot.
    2. Ability to advertise your place on the Empire Website
    As I am typing it, I remember that you can also post threads on the forums advertising your place so I will just stop here before I say anything else.


    The more I am thinking of this, the more I dislike it. Gonna post it before I have second thoughts.
  2. Plus 1 for dat buddeh!
  3. I believe he was referring to himself, not the youtuber.
  4. I was.
  5. ? confused
  6. Dunno how I feel, cuz this has been suggested before and it's gotten mixed results...
  7. im confussed ._.
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  8. It's like advertising a mall on the forums (correct me if wrong)
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  9. COrrect
  10. owhh now i get it, thanks.
  11. Please include the link to the suggested idea.
  12. The point is it's been suggested in a lot of different forms, and it's probably already on the tracker. /nuff said
  13. This is a unique form. It is not on the tracker ;)