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Would you pay for an advertisement? If so how much per month?

NO 18 vote(s) 66.7%
Yes, From $5 to $10 USD / Month 9 vote(s) 33.3%
Yes, From $10 to $20 USD / Month 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Yes, From $20 to $30 USD /Month 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Yes, From $30 to $50 / Month 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Yes, more than $50 USD/ Month 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Short, fast and easy idea.
    What if we create a page on the website that is exclusively determined for advertisements of in-game shops? We could make this ads paid so that becomes a source of income for the server as well.

    Most shop owners and supporters have the money to do something like this and they will certainly like to promote their shops to move their economy.

    We could do IAB formats and specific tabs per server and count me in to exchange banner design services for rupees.

    EDIT: It is an added idea that instead of using real money they advertisers use In-Game Money.
  2. Good idea!
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  3. Thanks, always looking for great ideas to improve our community and the whole game model :D
  4. What about we use in-game money instead of real money. Like if you advertising a shop then you should get more coustomers which means more money so then you can pay rupees to one of the admins. Just an add-on idea for this but great idea! :)
  5. Great Idea :) I'll edit my original idea in order to add this variable
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  6. The reason why I purpose real money is because that way the server has another income to maintain everything paid and also because in this way you would think it twice before placing an ad. It doesn't hurt much to loose some rupees but it does hurt if you pay let's say 10 dollar and you don't have a shop yet, your shop is not well mantained and your final product is not a great business model
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  7. There used to be a website for finding EMC shops but the creator left emc and one day it just stopped working :(
    If any of you remember that?
    This was a good free system that I used to use alot however I think it would be better if you could add in your price foe an item but the system could be abused easily...
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  8. I remember that, but it could of been improved in a lot of ways but it was really good when it first came out.
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  9. That was how I found your shop back in the day :D
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  10. This system you talk about sounds great, in the other hand, it would be awesome if that would be automatically created by the server. Like a web shop that replicates all the chest-shops and organizes them acording to the residence this shops are located.

    Anyways, the idea I purpose goes more about having a single place to find major shops and in some way, give something back to EMC (Paid Advertising)
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  11. This is a great idea! 5-10 dollars a month would be a good price and a lot of people would pay for it.
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  12. Yeah, 50% allready said no but I think is a matter of time and that they see how it works :D
  13. Use of real money to pay for advertising is not a good idea IMO, however I am all for the use of rupees in advertising. People may get frustrated that they have actually paid real life money for their ad, but they aren't getting as many customers as expected. Also, I don't think it would be particularly popular with the community, as I don't know many people that would pay for ads with RL money. There are so many free ways to advertise your shop currently anyway. I do want to see a new 'shop database' style thing like we used to have, but when I inquired about this a while ago to ICC I was told that ways to 'show off' your shop would be brought out in future shop updates. I am all for paying with rupees though, it is reasonable and nearly everyone could do it (as apposed to using real life money) :)

    No offence, but the way you stated that sounds like you want people to lose money.
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  14. Well maybe it's because of my work or my line of thinking but a business is all about providing a great product and experience and properly advertising it. If you advertise you will never be 100% certain of the ROI on your ad, NO company can assure you that IRL and the real game of life is to analyze your options, place your bets and wait for the results, it applies to almost all advertising methods. Maybe rupees would work as well so I added that to my idea.

    I want to say that I DON'T want people to lose money, what I mean with that statement is that using real money would help as a filter to avoid bad shops to advertise and people to think it twice before advertising without having a good product.

    Yeah, I know some people won't have the posibility to pay RL money because of a variety of factors but that's just something We nor EMC can control.

    Adding to the shop database, I hope it comes out soon! looking forward for it :D
  15. Well I'd use this; just not for shops. #twittertrendinggoal
  16. =We already have the marketplace forums...
  17. It's a good idea, but then you reach a point where whoever pays the most has the most popular shop and in the end it would just become a "pay to be successful" kind of thing with all the non-advertised shops giving up on trying to innovate.
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  18. Lol true, then we would have to code an infinitelly complex code similar to Google's Ranking algorithm to multiply factors like the quality of the shop and the amount of products with the paid money.

    Well I would give it a chance but I'll have to think of better ways to do this. Another suggestion saved from the hands of DEV team by simple logic and ideas I didn't think of :p
  19. It's not the same in many different ways I won't list because would become a huge list.
    Clicked on your dragons. I hope they don't die.
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