[ SUGGESTION ] Naming a Residence

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  1. Well I came up with this idea a while back but was too lazy to go and post it so here it is :)

    The Idea is that you can stand on a residence and type something like "/res name BestShop" and instead of typing /v deathconn or /v 14141 to get to that residence you can type in the name you set the residence as

    **I apologize if there is a thread out there similar to this one**
  2. You should name it "The Deadliest Cube Shop" cause ur name has "death" in it xD
    all that i could think of :)
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  3. That sounds like a really good idea and I'm sure that loads of people would use it.
    The other day, I found an excellent iron shop and had to resort to writing the address in a book.
    One addition would need to be a command like "/res names" to give a list of the given titles, or those would be forgotten. Also when "/v-ing", it would need to be something other than what could be a username, for example "/visit named BestShop" and "/vn BestShop" for short.
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  4. Possibly /visit list for the list of named residences?
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  5. That would be really convenient, great suggestion!
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  6. Is this the res owner naming their place or is it a visitor naming it for their own use and convenience?
  7. Well if this happens I guess it would be for supporters only and lots of people would want the same name.
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  8. I figure each name would have to be unique, it would say if the name has been taken when trying to name a res
  9. Why in the world would it have to only be for supporters? :p
  10. if it's for the visitor's convenience only, anyone could use it then to remember a residence
  11. Anyone can name anyone's residence so it's easier for them to remember the loved residence :p

    This /v res [name] only names the residence for you not anyone else.
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  12. It would have to cost money I think...
  13. Free is better :p

    But whatever it takes for this to happen :cool:
  14. This is a good idea. And it is possible with residence, but I think EMC should create it's own custom way of naming residences, that way you could have one instance of the name on each server. But it would have to either cost rupees, or be supporter only, or both. I don't really see any other way for this to be worth anything.
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  15. Yea, maybe Supporters won't have to pay but Regular members would have to pay somewhere around 500r
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  16. Global /v name for your res: 100k
    Personal /v name ( anyone's res, just for you to see ): 2.5k

    Why so expensive? If anyone can name there res there will be a lot of " he copied my name! "
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  17. The idea is that the name will only show for you. It is mainly a convenience thing, so that you don't have to memorize all of the res numbers. No one is going to pay 100k so that they can have a named res. That is completely insane.
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  18. But why should personal naming also be so expensive?
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  19. What happens if more than one person gives the same name (for example "MegaMall") to seperate residences? Then there would be a problem with which residence "/v MegaMall" would take you to.

    I'd suggest to avoid this from going global in that- nobody can set a name that everybody can use but people can still set names for THEMSELF to use that won't affect others. If they try to give multiple residences the same name, it won't work and sends them the error message.
  20. This had been suggest and turned down many times for the simple fact it could cause issues in the res plugin and conflict of new players and or people naming a res the same as another
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