[Suggestion] Multiple Residence Spawns

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  1. I suggest that you can place multiple residence spawns.
    /res tpset 1
    /res tpset 2
    /res tpset 3...

    /res tpset del 2

    /res tpset list

    If you have a residence like mine, you don't know which side to place your spawn on. With this, you can have multiple spawns so you don't have to worry about it that much.

    Whenever somebody or you does /v (your name here), they get teleported to one of the random spawns you set up.

    There are some cons:
    You can't visit specific spawns. (/home 2,3,4 is already taken) Maybe somebody else and figure that out.

    It could be supporter dependent.

    Normal: 1
    Iron: 2
    Gold: 5
    Diamond: 10

    or maybe you can purchase extra spawns with tokens.

    Oh, almost forgot. Here is what /res tpset list looks like:
    You currently have #/# spawn locations
    Spawn 1 - X, Y, Z
    Spawn 2 - X, Y, Z
    Spawn 3 - X, Y, Z
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  2. Maybe to make it simpler have it just be binding locs to tpsets? So if you have the loc "leftside" then you do /red tpset add leftside".

    I can see this being pretty useful. Also for maze residences or other puzzle things :)
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  4. This was what residence locations were for, right? I can't see random spawn points being all too useful or used.
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  5. I have 57 out of 100 locs set on my res. It's overkill but handy with horse breeding.

    I think it's unlikely they'll add the random drop, but I'm pretty sure you can attach some teleport signs to some redstone to make this work, you just drop everyone on a pressure plate before redirecting.
    • Popular megamalls to prevent player stacking
    • Events to prevent player stacking so they can see what's happening
    • A residence with 4 possible residence spawns, but you can't figure out which spawn you want.
  6. Well, you may consider your suggestion denied then. But we could consider altering the named location system to work more similar to vault aliases. Meaning by default they are assigned numbers 1,2,3,etc. but you can give them fancy names as well.
  7. Not a fan of your decision, but I guess you are the final word.
  8. Here is why, if it helps you understand better. EMC features are very complicated already. Your suggestion is very possible but this suggestion creates unnecessary complication to the usability aspect imo. Also creates redundancy in features which should be avoided if at all possible if it doesn't give a significant benefit.
    Furthermore, how do you propose teleporting to these new teleport locations? There would certainly be overlap with the named locations feature
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  9. I have stated that is a con. The only other way I can think of is /res tpset list and clicking on the one you want to visit.

    Is there any way you can change res locations to make it into a spawn? Perhaps an option to make it a location or a spawn?
  10. You could make your tpset in a room with tp signs under it, and no telling which one goes where. Yeah, you would know where they went eventually, but by randomly mashing on your WASD, you could randomize it without any staff input. You could also have a sign explaining this, for visitors.
  11. I did figure out how to do this with redstone if you were curious. It's a bit heavy, but at least it's possible..

    Tripwire hooks can be disabled by putting a block under the hook. In EMC's case, it activates once after a block is placed there. This means you can keep a piston extended and give 1 pulse each time you want that hook to fire.

    Teleport connected hooks seem to activate based on the 1st one you activate while falling. So you could have a set of tripwire connected teleports people fall through and a random one activated each time. Something like this..

    Not saying it's easy, or small, but it's possible. One note, is you have to be in range of the hook you activated a tic later or it will not activate. So you probably can't drop past more than 4-5 teleport hooks at a time, without needing a pause before more dropping.
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