[Suggestion] More Varied Tools/Weapons Enchants

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  1. So, as anyone who has PvPed me before knows, even though I am a knight, I love fighting with my trusty axe. Although I enjoy it, I always wish that I could have an enchant other than Sharpness. It got me thinking about the benefits that there would be for it, not just for me, but for everyone else. So what I suggest is that it is made so that Sr. Staff can add enchants to something that doesn't normally allow it. So you could, say, add Fire Aspect to a a diamond hoe and make "The Blazing Hoe of Justice". Or you could have both Projectile Protection and Protection on armor at the same time. I was thinking that staff could charge about 10k-15k for each enchant, and you provide the book to enchant it with as well.

    Make no mistake, this suggestion is entirely selfish, but I do think that it would be a good idea for the community. Please give me any feedback. Constructive criticism is appreciated, but flaming will only dirty your conscience and make me sad. :p
  2. I actually like this idea. Perhaps we could have a month each year where 5 or so special weapons are added with enchants and just colored names, no lore.

    Or stick with your idea, your idea is great.
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  3. Wouldn't that technically make each item about 10-15k per enchantment?
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  4. /yes, for every non-regular enchantment, it's an extra 10k-15k
  5. I meant, if I were to custom enchant a shovel, then sell that shovel, technically it should be worth 10-15k each enchantment correct?
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  6. Well for enchants that aren't normally found on it, like knockback or sharpness, pretty much
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  7. Knockback II, Fire Aspect II, Sharpness IV wooden stick! Please add this!!!
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  8. I'm in support of the idea but I'd sooner just see the restrictions loosened on what book enchants can be applied to. I want to go fishing with my Lure III leather hat, dang it!
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  9. i would much prefer a knockback 10 stick :3
  10. I like parts of this idea, but I dont think you should be able to have to projectile prot, prot, fire prot and blast prot all on 1 piece of armor. It just seems to strong
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  11. Understandable, but I just figured that the cost of it would justify the additional strength. More to the point though, those parts aren't the major parts I want to see implemented, rather the adding of non-regular enchants to other pieces of equipment.
  12. Bump, keep those comments coming!
  13. Maybe anything that has been enchanted by staff also gets the final modifier added to prevent you from repairing it. This could also be used to make sure you only get 1 special enchant per item to prevent op items.
  14. Interesting idea, I never thought of that. If that isn't too hard for staff, I don't see why not! :)
  15. Bump, I love hearing any and all opinions you have on this matter!
  16. Anyone else want to put in their 2 cents?
  17. I like this idea
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  18. Its a good idea but it could be way too powerful and would ruin mob arena and pvp in my opinion.