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  1. Hey guys,

    My suggestion is that Mob Griefing to be turned off in the wastelands.
    I think this will be good because it will make leaving walkable paths more possible, and it will be easier to get around to get resources without creeper explosions from the past being around. Creepers can really be a pain when trying to get around in the wastelands.

    Thank You for reading this!

    Hope you like the idea,

  2. While many adventurers (amateur ones...) may like this idea, but it will not happen.
  3. I do like the idea. Creepers already don't destroy player-placed blocks, but it'd be nice to leave the landscape in one piece. Perhaps turn mob griefing off in just the Frontier, and not the Wastelands?
    Why not?
  4. Its good idea but Wastelands is really for mining and temporary buildings or mini boss hunting. So I don't think this will not happen.

    Edit: Ps paths you could just use slabs and creepers would only destroy one slab that it explodes on.
  5. Because, simply, it removes the aspect of kill or be killed. If you take do /gamerule mobGreifing false, Creepers don't blow up, Withers don't blow things up, and... well, that is pretty much it. Either way, I think it highly doubtful that this will happen, as mobGreifing if something that, if made false, it will take out an important part of the adventure in both the Frontier and the Waste. I don't know if anyone agrees with me, but my point stands: If this is done, a great part of the adventure is gone.
  6. That's untrue. Creepers and Withers will still blow up and do the same damage (to the player) as they would've with mobGriefing on.
    I think it adds adventure. Having creepers blow up sucks, especially for the players who are a bit less skilled at fighting (or playing on a high difficulty; my desert is littered with creeper holes). Being able to go into the wild without having to worry about blowing up someone's stuff makes creepers less of a pain to deal with.
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  7. So true :)
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  8. On the fence with this. The chance of danger is part of the fun living in the wild.
  9. This probably would be better off in the frontier more than the wastelands. Or it can be a /ps option.....:p
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  10. Yeah that's what I was just about to add to my Suggestion JPGamer1000
  11. How does a creeper not blowing up the landscape even remotely affect "kill or be killed" ?

    A couple of weeks ago, I had just finished a week long project, and was really happy with it. The next day a creeper snuck up on me and blew up a portion of my structure, causing me to have to redo majority of the build. With this in affect, I would have still died from the creeper, but my creation would have been safe.

    Another example, my friend has an outpost in the wild, and its of course surrounded by a grass field. However, as is the nature of the wild, we get attacked by creepers often, so there are holes all around her outpost. We have to fill these in constantly, and is a real pain.

    For the most part, the feature would not affect the person being blown up by the creeper, but the person who comes afterwards. When you walk out of most outposts, what do you see? Creeper holes that make it almost impossible to reach where you are going. By implementing this, the next person who comes through is not affected by a prior creeper explosion.

    I am in full support of this feature. This does not affect the battle mechanics of versing creepers, it only affects them being able to destroy the landscape and player creations.
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  12. I don't run into this issue at my base because only a few of us are there and we fill in these holes or don't care about them. Close to the spawns would be nice. Like if it can be set in say a 1000 block radius around spawns. This is where most of it would be as it's where most player traffic would be.
  13. I think this feature would be best suited in a situation where we can protect Frontier outposts. I don't really see it as useful for the wastelands because we shouldn't build there anyway, but it obviously does have its uses in the Frontier.

    Still, I don't think it would be a good idea to apply this globally because it does take one aspect of the survival game away. And if we could restrict this to established outposts only then it allows players to make that choice themselves.
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  14. I actually abandoned a frontier base a while back because the ground was so littered with creeper holes. wastelands deserve to be blown up but I like the idea of no craters in the frontier
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  15. I would like to see creepers only have the ability to destroy ore.
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  16. It doesn't matter what appeals to you as a player, it matters what impacts the gameplay more. If there are holes, fill them up. If a building is messed up, fix it. You have to expect these things. We fix things, we do not prevent them from happening. Although, you can prevent it from happening by having proper weaponry, torches everywhere, and I'm pretty sure that logging out before going AFK might help. ;)

    Edit: Yes, Nub, I realize my mistake: Creepers still blow up, they just do not damage the environment.

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  17. -1 don't like it one bit
  18. Having to fix things over and over is counterproductive to, well, everything. And in general we do our best to prevent things, not just fix them.
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  19. Sorry, not going to happen.
  20. Nub, you need to stop being so nubby in your preventative measures. I rarely have to fix my wild builds. Usually when I do... its redstone I somehow dropped water on and not creepers lol.
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