[Suggestion] Megathread for Price Checks

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Is a megathread for price checks a good idea?

+1 18 vote(s) 85.7%
0 1 vote(s) 4.8%
-1 2 vote(s) 9.5%
  1. The Marketplace Discussion is overrun with price check threads, usually for only a few items. This pushes back other (more useful) threads. 17/30 front-page threads are price checks.

    What's a megathread?
    Some of you might not know, but it's a pinned thread used to group a specific section of threads into one. Think this and this.

    What is it?
    This will be a single thread for people to post price checks in, rather than each player having their own thread.

    Why's it needed?
    17 out of 30 threads on the first page of marketplace discussion are price checks, and can bump off other threads. A megathread for price checks will allow for a more diverse front page.

    I actually did a terrible job explaining this, so sorry about that! I think the basics are there though, and I do think it's needed. As always, vote in the poll and leave improvements/changes in the comments. Thanks!

  2. I think this is very much needed +1
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  3. Azoundria has something similar to what you are thinking.
    Of course, the information is pulled from shops.

    Anyways, I think this would better as a website program like azoundria's, not as a mega thread. I think a mega thread would require too much updating; It would be too tedious.
  4. Im going to say -1 only to the fact that that not everyone know about those two threads and if we would to implement another one people might/not even know that it is even a real thing.
  5. I agree with this. Or at the very least a sub forum for price checks.
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  6. I knew I missed something! Instead of posting items to be priced in their own thread, the items would be posted in a thread for others to reply to. This reduces the spam in the marketplace discussion caused by price checks, and the Staff would never have to update it. The thread runs itself.
    You're worried that it wouldn't be used? There's a pretty simple solution to that. If a price check thread ever comes up, players/staff would point the poster to the megathread and request they post there. The thread then could be closed.

    Don't think this would happen? Look at all the player moderation in the auction forums. It will work, even if I have to do it myself. ;)
  7. People can report threads to be moved. Mods will do it no issue.

    I think it's time for one. Business has a lot of sub contexts maybe we should have 4 sub forums. Buy,sell,price check, misc.
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  8. Why not let the Products, Businesses, and Services forum has 3 subforums. The misc can remain in the main forum, buy/sell/price check gets their own subforum.
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  9. That works also. I'm still plus 1 the mega thread. We need something.
  10. +1 agreed :D
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  11. +2 I think this is great idea
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  12. Why not ask aikar to program something to tie into the Sign system. It basically records each sale price through the signs and reports an Average sale, min sale, max sale on a webpage. This would be a tremendous help.
  13. So let me make sure I have this straight. You want to have one of those threads that is permanently at the top of a forum section, and people simply post on there requesting price checks?

    That has been suggested, but the problem would come in somebody selling dirt at 100,000r per block, or something crazy like that.
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  14. As a couple of others have mentioned, I'd say a new sub-forum for it rather than a mega-thread. I think that more people would use a sub-forum and something like it would be very useful anyway, it would definitely clear up the Marketplace Discussion! :)
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  15. I like it. :) Marketplace discussion is cluttered with price checks, some of them asking to check the same item. It would be great if all of this could be confined to one thread or subforum. +1, as they say.
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  16. A new megathread will be neater than a subforum. Compared to many new threads and an extra subforum, a megathread would be less intrusive.
    Yep, that's exactly what I had in mind. :)
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  17. Although true, I feel that a subforum would be used more than a megathread would, and I feel that it may be quite hard to find all the prices that you are looking for on a megathread, unless you have any specific ways of how you would set it up?
  18. I think you're misunderstanding the function of the thread. Like I said, it's entirely my fault.

    Think of the megathread as a subforum. However, instead of posting threads asking for price checks, you'd leave a post on the thread in which others will reply to and price items.
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