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  1. Welcome to the Empire Minecraft Art's Forum. Feel free to post your art in this thread, or create your own here. :)

    You may be wondering, what happened to the text that was in here previously; well it's been moved to a new thread.
  2. Alright! This sounds really cool! I will draw something and take a snapshot for you ASAP :)
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  3. I'll surely make a drawing for this! Sounds awesome!
  4. So Um. I tried with a program on my laptop :p Maxarais give me art.jpg
  5. Not sure if good or bad....
  6. image.jpg I know, it's not anything special or something, but I'm not that good at drawing;) Made on iPad

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  7. A chunky rendering of my third residence on smp5, built a few weeks ago by AlexChance.
    Hope it's what you're looking for :)
  8. Yay, some serious art :D
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  9. But joking aside, I'm looking forward to some of the other awesome artwork to come :)
  10. Regardless of how serious the art is or not, it'll be featured... Unless, it's inappropriate *edit, or the creator asks it not to be.
  11. You no like mine ;3

    Anyways I have been drawing something for a while today and will post it soon. That picture was my first thing I did wih something built into my laptop :p
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  12. Here's a doodle I painted :D

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  14. I really prefer that they be something created/found on EMC for screenshots.

    *Edit; As a side note for anyone curious, I will not be posting the art in any particular order. :)
  15. Hopefully this will attract more attention and DRAW (Bad joke i know :confused:) people into EMC
  16. Ok, I will take a photo of some of my artwork i made in my art course.
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  17. Ooh! Art and I go way back. lol Here's a sketchy thing from last year, but still pretty good I guess.
    Please nobody claim this as your own work as I did not add a signature to this one.

    I can't draw humans, so I stick to mah wolves and horses. c:

    Erm...yeah...but awkward posting on here now as it's been so long.
    I rarely get on the servers anymore and only occasionally get on the forums to see what's up. xD
  18. Do they all have to be EMC or minecraft related? I have some pictures I drew, but they aren't related to EMC or minecraft.
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