[SUGGESTION] Make /colours an alias of /colors

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  1. Greetings, EMC!

    You may be aware of a command called /colors, which is extremely helpful for colouring signs. However, I warn you, something is afoot.

    There is a cabal. Yes, a cabal! They are the American Spelling Cabal, and they have infiltrated EMC, phoneticising our words! Replacing our 's'es with 'z's, and our 'ou's with 'o's. Goddamnit, they made 'doughnut' into 'donut'.

    But there is a solution. You, yes you, humble EMC member, can fight back. You can join the leagues of Commonwealth English spellers, who spell with the English language as the Lord intended; with lots of unnecessary letters in our words to show people we mean business. Indeed, we span from the UK, to Ireland, to Canada, to Australia, to New Zealand, to India, to English-speaking Africa, and throughout the glorious Commonwealth, and the work of this cabal is depriving us of our freedom.

    So, the time is now! Demand Aikar cease his oppression of Commonwealth English spellers, and makes /colours an alias of /colors, so we may never have to type that despicable corruption of that word ever again should we want to colour our signs.

    General Secretary of the Commonwealth English Glorious Revolutionary Freedom Movement
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  2. +1 from canada :)
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  3. theatre! not theater
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  4. I'm american but I hate my culture so yeah let's do it!
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  5. Yes. EMC messes up my spelling during English tests.
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  6. EMC will always be 'Murican!
    But yes.
  7. Actually did this last night but never commited heh
    diff --git a/Empire/src/main/java/com/empireminecraft/listeners/EmpirePlayerListener.java b/Empire/src/main/java/com/empireminecraft/listeners/EmpirePlayerListener.java
    index f6ea5be..97dc03c 100644
    --- a/Empire/src/main/java/com/empireminecraft/listeners/EmpirePlayerListener.java
    +++ b/Empire/src/main/java/com/empireminecraft/listeners/EmpirePlayerListener.java
    @@ -688,7 +688,7 @@ public class EmpirePlayerListener extends BukkitUtil.Listener {
    -        if (cmd.equals("/colors")) {
    +        if (cmd.equals("/colors") || cmd.equals("/colours")) {
  8. Yes! We've taken EMC back from the American spelling cabal! Thank you, kind Aikar sir :)
  9. american version is first!
  10. I can live with that, us Commonwealth English guise cannot have you depriving us of our rights by refusing to acknowledge our spellingz, doe.