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Good idea? Please read the post, and reply why you voted for whichever. Non-reply votes=disreguarded

Yeah man pretty good 27 vote(s) 87.1%
Could be improved 2 vote(s) 6.5%
I don't see a need for it 2 vote(s) 6.5%
  1. I live in the wild pretty frequently, and I get mail fairly often (mostly from voting, I'm lonely) and I'm always curious about what is in the mail, even though I know I can't open it outside of /town or /shop. So my suggestion would be very similar to the chest preview feature, except it would only be for the user's own mail. The other awesome point about this feature, is that the mail reader could sort through mail that he/she finds worthy enough to actually receive at that moment, and whether or not you have the inventory space.

    I realize that one can go to another server and open the mail, but that's a hassle. In the times I've done that, I almost never remember that I opened it, and I have to scroll through servers to find where and I opened it.

    Lastly, is the vote thing good? I might've been a bit harsh, but I know some people on the forums just choose whatever response is the opposite of what the OP wants, regardless of their personal opinion. But I also don't want people to avoid voting because they don't feel like replying.
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  2. I kind of like this, because when I get stuff in the mail, I want to know what the item(s) are. +1
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  3. +1

    Love it. I'm the same way, quite often in the wild and sometimes get random mail or like you vote rewards. If this is something easy to implement then I'm all for it! Also would be helpful if you buy something from someone, you can make sure what they sent you is what you paid for.
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  4. Oh very nice idea! +1
  5. Strongly agree with this feature its probably very do able +1
    Since you have a mod also agreeing maybe it might be a thing in the next couple months HOPEFULLY after dragon tombs though :D
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  6. He trying to spread his evilness to all :p
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  7. So how would this be different than /mail list?

    Can you explain in detail what would be shown, etc?
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  8. all mail list does is tell you you have a mail and the title of the mail
    this idea would show you what was in each mail but not be able to retrieve it
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  9. Much like a preview sign.
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  10. When, I am 1000+ blocks away in the frontier this would be really helpful. +1
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  11. So when you type something like /mail preview 34, it would pop up with a chest GUI that would have the items in it?
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  12. Yeah that's what I was imagining in my toad brain.
  13. Correctamundo!
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  14. this would ease my pain when i dont want to log off the server i just spent an hour getting entcap of wither skellies but i still wanna see what someone sent me i can look and just continue on my merry way
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  15. could be very helpful +1
  16. I do think the poll is a bit too harsh. After like 5 replies, most people won't have anything useful to add, because they agree with the people who already posted before them. A requirement like this will either make people not vote, or make a post "+1.", which is spammy in my opinion.
    On the actual subject: I think this would be good. I don't think it's overpowered.
  17. I like this idea very much! It would be great if this could be implemented. But I do agree about the voting system being spammy. I normally like to add my two cents to posts like this by just voting if I don't have much else to contribute. (And I dislike making posts that don't say much other than: +1! Good idea!)
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  18. I appreciate these responses about the poll :p I had a feeling that something along those lines would be an issue. I'll make it better next time :D
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  19. It is a good idea, but I do not see this serving the purpose of the mail system. You do not go out to your mailbox, open all of your letters, and then leave them in your mailbox. Mail is not intended to be used as storage.
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  20. Quick Question: From my own experience, I get mail regarding purchases etc. So, shouldn't you know what that mail is anyway? Also, when the other player sends mail, they type like a heading, so I'm not quite sure why you wouldn't know what is in it
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