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  1. So...I think I have lost a few promos or they could also have been stolen. But I may have sent it through mail as well. Having a Mail History could probably solve my problem...A Mail History could also prove that you have indeed mailed something to a player when the player says otherwise.

    Why not implement this idea? It can only help you!
  2. I like the idea of a separate Mail History, I think it would be great if we can easily navigate to a page where we can see what we have sent and what we have received :)
  3. Captain Lucky votes yes
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  4. Sounds like a pretty handy idea. :)
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  5. I like this idea! Defiantly would come in handy :D
  6. There has been a few promos lost this week on smp6 also. just jumped out of item frames
  7. Mine disappeared from chests :/
  8. arrgh!
    Translation: +1 Yes!
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  9. Hmm I can see us adding this, but we def gotta do as I talked before and rename "Rupees" to something more generic like "My Empire" or so, but my Empire i dunno seems off when we add real Empire's to be apart of.
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  10. Anon's?
  11. Anon and I have both lost something out of an item frame. She lost a voters chest and I lost a holiday pick
  12. Let's bump this baby :p
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  13. Sounds like a great idea :)
  14. Morning bump :p
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  16. You have The Shaloms approval MAKE IT HAPPEN AIKAR
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  17. How about another bump?
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