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Would you like to see a /lost command?

Very much! 23 vote(s) 60.5%
Yes 9 vote(s) 23.7%
Meh 4 vote(s) 10.5%
No 2 vote(s) 5.3%
It'd be a terrible idea. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Hello Empire!
    • /lost - You seem to be lost. Head to 0 X, 0 Z; or use the /map to get back.
    Why? It's a command that gives players a simple tutorial on how to get back to spawn. It'll eliminate a great deal of lost players, if they know about the command.
    So how do we advertise it? Simple - every hour or so, a message in chat will appear - only if you're in the Frontier or Wastelands, that'll say:
    Are you stuck and need to get back to town? Type /lost for help.
    This message could certainly get annoying. Right? Wrong. Well, after 30 days of playing the Empire, the message will stop appearing. After 30 days, you should know how to use the Live Map and know your way back to the outposts.
    So... opinions? Comments? Improvements? Let's hear them all!
  2. Great Idea, this will help greatly players
  3. Something along these lines would be very helpful I'd say!
  4. It would be great for new players who don't know that to get back, you must first go the spawn.
    And in all honesty, it would be helpful for me instead of pulling up live map. :p
  5. I'm curious... How's that?
  6. Its easier to just follow coords than pull up the live map for me. Ever since I spilled tea on my computer it has been acting up and when I play minecraft for a long time, my browser will crash, and it takes a while to get it back up.
  7. If you're looking for the closest outpost to you, check here. I've listed the coordinates for every outpost (or, how to find them).
  8. Can you explain?
  9. I believe he means that after you type in /lost, one would use f3 to open up the debug menu (is that what it is called...?) to see the coordinates and get back to an outpost. One problem might be if someone is on a mac. I don't think they can read coordinates via F3 (correct me if I'm wrong jay2a :p)

    Overall, however, great idea.

    This would have been quite helpful when I joined the Empire and idiotically ran into the Wastes right off the bat...I couldn't find my way back and ended up losing everything .-.

    Curse my nooby way back then.

    Also, +1
  10. Great idea for new players in wild ;)
  11. I actually really like this idea. It'd be a great help, and also, you wouldn't get lost nearly as often. :)

  12. good idea, especially the message turning off after 30 days.
  13. There was a thread a few days ago talking about something similar to this. I'l see if i can dig it back up.
  14. I like this a lot. This should be added in!
  15. Players that have just "joined" (meaning they have joined more than thirty days ago, forgot about the server, and came back thinking they're "new") would probably have trouble with getting lost if the message would stop appearing.

    This is a great command and it would be very helpful...especially for new players. :)
  16. The /vote command idea +1.
    Adding more to every players' already annoying auto chat messages -100

    So please think of a new way to let people know, if this gets added.
    Usually lost people ask for help in chat, maybe one of those rules, if player chats lost, then reply to Just them with /lost info.
    I don't know the best way, but please no more auto chat spam to everyone, I'm not lost!
  17. I think its a good idea but often I find that the people who find themselves lost are only lost because they cant read the coordinate read out on F3. I kinda wish we had an optional mini map with coordinates I think that would make it easier for many people.