[SUGGESTION] locked chests can become derelict

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  1. I'm going to apologise in advance, It's 4am, so I might get some grammar and punctuation mucked up.
    When players leaves EMC they risk loosing everything that they have built/done on the empire. Their residence goes derelict after 5-30 days of inactivity on the empire, unless of corse he/she is a supporter or the residence is permanently protected but, any locked chests they have created in the waste/wild stays and the player may never return back to the empire, leaving any locked chests they own, scattered in the waste/wild.

    Im suggesting this mainly for some outposts, that have a lot of people who have come to the outpost, start building and make locked chests and leave the empire the day after, leaving everything they have done behind, and leaving there locked chests behind too, which can become a problem.

    Locked chests were I believe created to keep your stuff protected from any grieving's that may occur in the waste/wild, I don't believe there purpose was to keep items from going derelict.

    So what I'm trying to get across here is after a certain amount of time of inactivity on the empire, and a locked chest can become derelict, and are eventually accessible to other players.

    Opinions? :)
  2. +1. Near my frontier base there a locked chests in the sky owned by a derelict player- so annoying! I want to get rid of them ( I don't want the items necessarily.)
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  3. Going to have to say no on this one. A good part of what a locked chest is, that its there forever. The derelict system is good for residents as its a big part of EMC. The chests take up a few blocks, depending on however many chests are locked.
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  4. This is a bad idea for a few reasons.

    -Trying to generate the code to monitor the thousands of locked chests out there would be problematic to say the least, not to mention the fact that the developers are working on other features that will provide a more tangible benefit to all players.

    -If this did happen, what would stop people from emptying those chests of their items. This would still be griefing even if the player has left the server.

    -What happens if the player happen to return the day after their chests were removed. They would scream griefing (even if they were gone for years) and would be right to do so.

    -You also have to take into account that things happen in people's lives that can cause them to not be able to log into the server for an extended period. Not everyone can afford to be a supporter all the time and take advantage of the never go derelict perk.

    All in all I think this is a bad idea. Another option that could be discussed would be contacting the staff with the coordinates and having them remove the chest if it is causing an issue for you and they have been gone over a set amount of days (180 for example). This would remove any chance of someone trying to take advantage of a free chest full of goodies.

    Just my thoughts.
  5. I don't think its a bad idea, and also think it might even work. The only thing which puzzles me is if this would be a good addition. Thing is; rumor has it that the developers are currently working on a system which allows for an outpost to be protected (and I think its even considered to implement teleport commands, but your guess is as good as mine).

    With that in mind I think this system wouldn't be necessary right away because it would be covered by the outpost protection system.

    But in general I like the idea. Also: I don't agree that removing such chests from an outpost would be considered griefing. After all; an outpost leader has the right to remove a player build if that build doesn't match the outpost guidelines and if he cannot reach an understanding with the player. Obviously that would include chests. See this wiki page.

    Of course this would be different for chests in the rest of the Frontier. That could become a problem under the current rules and might need an exception to the rule (vacation chests are public targets too after all).

    In my opinion you know what problems you're facing if you're leaving the Empire for a long(er) time. And its also easily remedied by merely voting for the server at least once a month (provided you're a "full" member who goes derelict after 30 days and not sooner). So with that in mind I think this is a good idea which may need a little more clarification on those "wild chests" (random chests in the wild).
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