[SUGGESTION] Let us use /XP command again

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Do you like the /XP command?

Yes 19 vote(s) 57.6%
I just learned about it 9 vote(s) 27.3%
Neautral 2 vote(s) 6.1%
No 3 vote(s) 9.1%
    Let us use /XP command again:

    /xp is a great command, fast and useful.
    /xp command displays your TEXP in-game (Current level : Lifetime XP : Decimal % of next level earned)

    /xp used to be a command we could all use (Link to Cool Commands Thread).

    For some reason, now if you type /xp you get the generic message:
    "I'm sorry, but you do not have permission to perform this command. Please contact the server administrators if you believe that this is in error."

    Can we please have permission to use /xp command, just like we used to?

    Also, you can vote in the Poll, thanks.


    Edit: I am talking about the former EMC /xp command, I just learned that 1.8 SP has a different /xp command.

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  2. +1
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  3. 1+1
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  4. If they had it at one time why did they get rid of it?
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  5. I like it. Xp is one of the few "sponsored" leaderboards we have and having an in game way to see where you stand in that would be cool.
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  6. +1
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  7. When we switched to the new command system it was dropped as it conflicted with the vanilla /xp command. I will look into adding it back or doing something similar but no promises.
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  8. +0 It will break the TEXP system and takes the vanilla out of minecraft adding cheats in it, But it is good and could be useful for anvils, enchants and other stuff.
  9. Um, you don't understand xD The /xp mentioned here doesn't give you xp, it just shows you statistics about your xp.
  10. oh...well then. +1
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  11. I am talking about the former EMC /xp command,
    I just learned that 1.8 SP has a different vanilla /xp command, not sure what that does, this thread is Not about that command, but rather the old EMC /xp command.

    To reiterate, /xp just displays XP info (Current XP level : Lifetime XP : Decimal % of next XP level earned),
    there is no way to cheat with XP info lol :).
  12. +1 I try to use it all the time and forget it was removed.
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  13. ContributionTeam likes /xp command!
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  14. Yes please...
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