[SUGGESTION] Lava walls around Town.

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  1. There used to be inferior peasant bedrock walls around Town, but for some inexplicable reason, ICC and Justin replaced them with an even more inferior peasant invisible wall.

    I believe the superior master race of lava walls should take precedence around at least one of the Towns, where they belong.

    The benefits to this are endless.
    1. Lava walls are always relevant, so we're kidding ourselves by saying they aren't relevant around Town.
    2. They look badass and intimidating. No one would dare surpass a lava wall to get out of Town.
    3. They look pretty, and also amazing.
    4. You can round up all the chickens everywhere from when your res was egged and burn them in the lava wall (sorry Chickeneer)
    5. Have you ever tried roasting marshmallows on a lava wall? I did it once, they tasted godly. Having a public utility lava wall like this will surely benefit everyone and their marshmallows.
    6. When we need to burn griefers at the stake, we can use the lava wall to light up their stake.
    7. It will prove the Cow wrong, him having said lava walls don't belong anywhere on another thread.
    8. The chicks dig it.
    9. People will come from far and wide, leaving their own Minecraft servers, public and private, to witness the lava walls of Empire Minecraft.
    10. We can generate revenue from it, meaning more advertising, better servers, more programmers, the whole works. Revenue can be generated by allowing people to fly within 5 blocks of the lava wall as a one time pay perk, so everyone can see the magnificence of nature's most glorious creation, the wall of lava.
    11. Jobs will be created from building the lava wall, pumping money into the economy.
    12. We can use it to burn effigies of the One Who Shall Not Be Named.
    13. Lava walls produce light at night. That's cool, right?
    14. Feeling bored and brave? Swim to the top of the lava wall. Go, do it.
    15. They're awesome for no reason, as well as every other reason.
    16. They're more powerful than napalm and an Apache helicopter.
    17. If you encode pi in binary, there's the Java source code for a Minecraft lava wall in there somewhere.

    That's all the reasons I can think of right now. Hope this gets added ^_^
  2. +1 for smores in lava
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  3. :confused: uhm, what has happened? lol - i like the roasting smores part. ... also using lava as a night light.
  4. my snow block castle that is not done yet will crush your lava HAHAHAHAAAAAA
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  5. Oh god.
    Not another lava wall. Better not make it turn out like the smp5 one
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  6. lava smores are the best kind everyone knows that
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  7. Hold the phone! I think this idea is great and all but I think apple walls would be much better and here is why:

    1. Apples look like tomatoes and tomatoes are awesome
    2. Hungry (in town :p)? Well eat an apple and fill dat hunger bar!
    3. Red. Who doesn't like the color red?

    Finally I leave you with an example of an apple wall:
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  8. ... but what happens when apple wall rots? and turns brown... and disgusting and stuff.
  9. That's cute, why don't you try surrounding SMP5's wild with an apple wall? :)
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  10. why don't i just make an army of 5 million of my minion bats to patrol? :D
  11. 1. Apples don't rot in minecraft. Need I say more?

    I might just try and do that...
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  12. I sense a banhammer.
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  13. '

    Make wall
    Cover wall in item frames
    Fill item frames with apples.

  14. Lava is one of the causes of much un-needed lag in Minecraft. Sorry, denied.

    Also, #7 doesn't even make sense.
  15. nooo y r u no liston ths r make sence!11
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  16. Applewalls?
  17. That would be nice, that is, if every week the staff gave free apples to people
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  18. I will happily send you my computer for extra processing power to offset the lag.
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  19. We don't always have time to go and chop down a bunch of trees to get apples. Perhaps you could do this instead.
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  20. I might, if i get enough apples at one point