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  1. The kennel would be like the stable, except I think it should cost 50r outside of town instead of 100r, and it would be for cats and dogs. This would not be openable in pvp. It's mostly a fun thing that lets you bring a small friend along on your wilderness adventures.
  2. +1000000000000
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  3. So basically a dog/cat version of stables? :p
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  4. I think. I am not entirely sure though.

    Also, +1. Dogs/Cats do not get much love. /kennel
  5. +1, I need moar Cats and Dogs on my Adventures
  6. Kennels can be very expensive how expensive of a kennel are we talking about?
  7. Yes. Also, bump!
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  8. +1 i guess
    I can grow my pets and keep them in a virtual kennel =P
  9. Bumpy thinger
  10. Who else wants to take their pets on a walk? Bump!
  11. Bumpsy time!
  12. ^
    I like this idea honestly, but irl kernels are very expensive^...

    So Ill give this a +1 but to access it Id say it cost about 500r
  13. 500r per usage, or 500r per voucher?
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  14. +1!!! I hate using bones and raw fish to tame my cats and dogs again after I eggify them. This would be a super great addition :p
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  15. Calling a horse from a stable costs 100r, so this would cost most likely around 10r-20r. Although how exactly would this work in standards of kenneling them? Would it kennel all dogs/cats that belong to you, or just ones that are nearby you. And how close would be nearby you =P. Then comes to the un-kenneling itself, would you do like '/ksummon dog 10' to take out the 10 dogs you have in your kennel? Then if you have named cats or dogs it causes even more issues as to how this all works unless your limited to having only 1 pet per slot, then rising the question what would be the default amount of slots xD. I'm all in for this idea, but it needs a bit of a better explanation on your idea =P
    EDIT: Scratch the "10r-20r" thing, it would cost 100r to prevent abuse such as taming a dog and then kennel'ing it, as is done with horses (not abuse, stabling it)
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  16. One pet per slot.
    Regular members: max 2
    iron: max 4
    Gold: max 10
    Diamond: max 20

    Everyone starts with one by default; costs 1000 to expand kennel. Costs 50r to summon pets in wilderness.
    I dont know about vouchers, they probably wont be needed

    Edit: and to kennel a pet, it needs to be tamed by you. The system already recognizes which pet is whose.
  17. I agree that it'd have to cost as much as the stable to prevent abuse, and it would kennel and cats/dogs that are sitting down within 5-10 blocks from you. I think you'd start out with 1 or 2 kennels, and you can use vouchers to get more, or do /kennel expand like with a vault if you're a supporter. And the summoning process would be like the stables, /kennel summon #, and when you did /kennel it would tell you the collar color and if it's a baby or an adult for dogs and its pelt color and whether it's a baby or adult for cats. If the pet was named, it would show the name as well.
  18. I think that kennel vouchers should be a thing.