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  1. My suggestion is a separate bank account for players.
    This would be helpful in running the Organizations that provide players with rupees or items to get the players on their feet and make the organization more stable.
    The leader of the organization would apply for account, and then the leader can do a command such as:
    /account apply (player name) (organization) to apply for the account.
    The leader can then do:
    /account add (player name)
    This would allow multiple players to view the account balance.
    The group/organization could add a treasurer who has the access to pay out the certain amount of money. Multiple players would have to clear the transaction before the amount is paid out, to prevent stealing for player gain.
    The treasurer could do /propose and then be shown a screen where (s)he writes the proposal to give the money to a certain player.
    The other members who can look at the account balance would do /pass or /veto and then the majority vote decides what happens to the funds.
    The players who would normally donate rupees to the organizations can make sure that their money is put to good use, and not stolen by the player to be used. The donor could use a command such as
    /donate (amount) (Organization Name) and the money would be put directly into the joint account.
    This takes out the trust issues that could possibly hinder the donations to Organizations, and the Organization could then use the extra money to help more people, therefore growing the economy.
    Maybe a position could be added for the staff to watch over all of these accounts, and make sure that somehow the people who have access to it are not paying themselves.
    Perhaps the donor would receive a letter from the organization saying where the money went, to make them feel more comfortable.

    I believe that with this will help the Empire Economy grow even more, and the donors will feel more secure about where their money is going. This is complicated, but hopefully it will help the Empire.
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  3. If you read the link it doesn't say anything about interest. It IS however pretty specific about reasoning and what isn't allowed. This falls, imho, soundly in that link.

    And the op is an idea of investing which is a bit different than donating.

    Edit: banks have historically not been conducive to a thriving economy. :D Almost indiscriminately for the same reason banks are illegal in EMC. Odd how simple that is yet how much trust most people invest in those types of organizations.
  4. the title of the thread says bank in it. so basically against the rules right there
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  5. By bank account, I meant like where the rupees are stored. each person has their own personal "bank, or cache" of rupees.
    This is a tool for helping keep track of the rupees that are being donated to the players through the organizations, like the SSSS. (Or it think that is what it is called)
  6. but you are saying this is a trust of sorts where everyone has a say. However the only say is that of the "leader" who could take the money and run.
  7. Is like a savings account so you dont eat your money and people can donate to it

    What is not allowed to lend someone your money and get it back by using /pay
  8. This isn't about creating a bank but instead creating a system where a group of players can share funds in a controlled way. The banks the rules talk about are player run ones that can lead to scam. This suggestion is asking for a system where a group of players can add money to an "account" and send that money if a group of them agree to it. Things like this already exist in the form of donations and that charity thing Olaf is doing. I even ran a contest a while ago with a similar idea of people donating to me and I give the prize to the person most people vote on. This is just a way to do that without relying on trust and making it traceable.

    The wod bank is a pretty bad way to describe this. Think of it as shared rupees.
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  9. i just dont see a real need for this tbh, if you want to donate to an organization then that organization in emc probably has a leader so you can just donate to them. the only practical use this has is basically banking. banks arent allowed so?

    please explain how this is useful in any other way. cause the ability to keep track of what a organization is doing with the rupees that are no longer yours anyways isnt enough to warrant time to the niche market this may or may not apply to
    (edit: sorry hit enter too early)

    except it is relying on trust. the leader of that account would own those rupees no matter how you word it its their account, you gave them rupees. traceable or not it would still be there rupees and that is exactly why banks arent allowed.
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  10. If people are already doing something like this, but not this or like this, then why would you need a mechanic that could be abused made? As bitemenow15 has said, this isn't useful. Especially if the intended design is to make possible something that is already happening anyways. Intent and design aren't interchangeable. It doesn't matter "why" you make a mechanic it will be used as it can be used. A profit share or a organizational trust are both forms of "savings accounts" as stated in the link provided.

    Edit: A donation is a donation. After those rupees/items leave your hands they are no longer yours. Your trust that they are being used for what you had intended is just trust. What actually happens to them is up to whom ever you gave them to. Also adding bureaucratic control to a donation kind of takes away the feel goods of being able to pat yourself on the back for donating, does it not? Also, makes it not a donation but an investment. Whether you receive rupees or general satisfaction/praise.
  11. I see your idea but banks are not allowed, so I think maybe this could be a personal thing. You can split you money into groups. Say you have 10 million rupees and you have 1 million in donations for an event, 2 million for something like your promo business, 2 million you want to save, and the rest just to spend. It could be hard to keep track of that, so you could put it in separate groups only accessible by you. That way you could keep track of your rupees in an easier way while not having a bank. Just an idea. :)
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  12. This is an interesting idea, but the focus of it is in a governmental viewpoint. We don't have treasurers, votes, etc on EMC. This is interesting, but not practical for use on EMC.

    When you donate to a group, you relinquish your rights to trace where that money goes. You donated it out of free will.
    If the group wants to make everything a vote about what money goes where, I advise a google doc spreadsheet. It's how we keep control of the Events Donation funds and it works quite well. If you can't trust the members of the group to manage the funds appropriately and through discussion, rather than votes, then maybe you aren't working with trustworthy individuals.
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  13. so like a savings account for you only? that could be useful....particularly for shop owners. like i bid this much on an auction (moves that much into savings) now people can still buy me out and i cant break auction rules by not having the money anymore.
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  15. Yes, that is exactly what I mean.

  16. I can see where you are coming from about banks being not allowed... But the thing is that that rule is directed towards players. It is to keep people safe from being scammed. This sort of bank would be like a shared rupee balance that anyone can deposit or withdraw from, with some added safety features to keep people from being scammed.
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  17. By this I meant that there would be a system of "checks and balances" if you will,
    but it is governmental.
    That is the point of my idea. With some of the organization owners, they may lose track of how much money has been donated to the organization, and how much is their own money to spend. This would eliminate the hassle of having to keep paper documents with the amounts of rupees in the player's account, and the amount in the organization's account.
    I poorly worded the title. I meant "bank" as in the area that the rupees are stored. I don't know the proper name of the storage space for it, so I called it bank, as in stash.

    It is a sort of safety net of sorts to make sure that rupees that were meant to be put to use in helping other players is not spent for the organization owner's personal gain.
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  18. By this do you mean the person that put the money in has to agree to let the money out to another person? This I could see happening.
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