[suggestion] invisible item frames

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  1. i was going to bump this thread but it is locked: https://empireminecraft.com/threads/suggestion-invisible-item-frames.84014 (go read this thread if you want actual info about invisible item frames)

    the last time this was suggested (january 2021) it did not receive an actual answer

    currently working on a build for emc, and the amount of times i wanted to use an invisble item frame but couldn't is too many.

    please add them to the shopworld for like 500-1k rupees each

  2. Or 250-500 tokens? Per
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  3. I'll never understand how suggestions make their way into the archive section. They shouldn't be moved there unless I move them there...
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  4. This needs to be added.
  5. once again found something i want to use invisible item frames for

    once again i am asking for an official response
  6. Your suggestion has been seen. That is the official response
  7. That was what my previous comment was about. Since the original one didn't get a response really, I don't know why someone archived it.

    Three non archived section is a place that we can easily look back at what has been suggested to fit into an update. Keeps it in front of us.

    Sometimes approved suggestions are archived when they are on track somewhere (this isn't)
  8. k, I'll check in again in another two weeks
  9. +1 for the invisible Item Frame, +1 for Buy with Tokens
    This can also be used as a place holder to support a normal item that would fall or can not be placed without support.
  10. Idea’s for how to manage the item frames

    Issue attempting address: Loosing invisible item frames and recouping invisible item frames, in case data is not stored when breaking the entity.

    Waffle did mention in the other thread that they would still be able to be seen through f3+b, but if that isn’t enough, here are a few ideas.

    • Inspire the feature similar to how Vanilla Tweaks (HermitCraft) handles this: https://youtu.be/kxa0biVZ70I?t=352
      • In their case, they have a button to turn an already filled item frame by using a special book. When activated, the frame becomes invisible, however when you remove the item from the the frame, the system restores normal visibility to the (now empty) item frame. This means no invisible item frames stay in the world while it has no items.
    • Option 1 to adapt to EMC: toggle-able command (like /tpreview):
      • All items placed into empty item frames while the command is ON, turn invisible. Maybe 1000 tokens per 5 minutes of use? Or something along those lines.
    • Option 2 to adapt to EMC: Right click already placed item-frame with a rare item (ie. spark):
      • If you right click a spark into an item frame, a pop-up windows turns on if you would like to make it invisible.
      • If Accepted - the frame becomes invisible
        • Only allow activation to happen if item frame is already filled (if not implemented like this, allow for a 60 second time window to put an item into the empty frame while invisible. If no item is placed within the timeframe, it becomes visible again)
        • It doesn’t necessarily need to consume the Spark when used - just using an uncommon item to trigger the pop-up; Consuming the spark would only occur for using the feature in the /wild as the extra cost for having the feature there.
        • After confirming the pop-up, it could charge X amount of tokens or rupees.
    In either case, if you don’t put an item within 60 seconds of turning invisible, the frame becomes regular again. (This will avoid the existance of permanently invisible frames which could get lost. If you would like to switch an item in the invisible item frame, you would have the same 60 seconds to replace the item you took out of it, before it becomes visible again)

    • Things to look out for if implemented
      • Invisible Item frames are protected from all projectiles. No projectile or fishing rod can take out items out from the invisible frame nor pop it.
      • (regular items frames are affected by this mechanic)
    Just laying out some various ideas in case it is hard to detect server side that you want to recoup a invisible item frame, after placing one; or to avoid general confusion of where the frames might be after a long time for players
  11. But is this really a good idea? What if you forget where you placed it? How will you find it if it is invisible?
  12. What do you think of the ideas to address this, which I laid out in the post above you? Formatted it a bit so it is clearer.
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  13. I am not knowlegable enough on the dev side unfortunately, but if it were possible that the only turned invisible when an item was in the frame, and visible if there were no item, that would be best I think. That way you could always see the item or the frame, and no staff intervención would be required...
  14. its been nearly a year since i made this thread.

    i am again finding things i would love invisible item frames for whilst building.

  15. I see no reason not to do this
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  16. If this is possible, then it should be done - falls into the relam of "mostly vanilla" and if Mojang adds it in 3 updates, then emc just beat them to the punch :D This is a quality of life change that does not affect the vanilla aspect of gameplay and would be beneficial to showing off some of the emc custom items.

    +1 for Bumping an old suggested idea into the here and now

    +1 for making this a shopworld item

    +1 for Token purchaseable

    -1 for Tuq making me try to read technical stuff... :confused: I feel tricked and mildly confused. sorry, its just me.