[SUGGESTION] Invisible item frames

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Are invisible item frames a good idea?

Yes! 17 vote(s) 94.4%
No! 1 vote(s) 5.6%
  1. Many people here on the Empire love to build, and one (semi-vanilla) thing that I feel like we're missing out on is invisible item frames!

    Firstly I think this would be a great idea since it is, in theory, incredible easy to implement. You can simply use this command to obtain one in vanilla:

    /give @p item_frame{EntityTag:{Invisible:1b}} 1

    And look, here's a replica I made if EMC wants to make it a promo like Remote shop signs:

    /give @p item_frame{EntityTag:{Invisible:1},display:{Name:'[{"text":"Invisible item frame","italic":false,"color":"green"}]',Lore:['[{"text":"Final","italic":false,"color":"gold","underlined":true,"bold":true},{"text":" ","underlined":false},{"text":"(Can not be modified or repaired)","underlined":false,"bold":false,"color":"white","italic":true},{"text":"","underlined":false,"bold":false,"color":"dark_purple","italic":false}]','[{"text":"Once placed, this item frame will be invisible","italic":false,"color":"dark_aqua"}]','[{"text":"and only show the item it holds","italic":false,"color":"dark_aqua"}]']},Enchantments:[{id:bane_of_arthropods,lvl:1}],HideFlags:1} 1

    Obviously EMC would have to create it in-line with their current promo system but considering the invisible part is an already existing part of Minecraft it should not be hard.

    3 ideas on how would we obtain these invisible item frames:
    1. Using a potion of invisibility on an item frame. Whether it be splashing it onto an item frame (which would stay permanently invisible) or using a custom crafting recipe to combine two into the new item, this would be my preferred way since it would add some much needed functionality to invisibility potions.
    2. Sell them for a small price in the Empire shopworld. Emphasis on small, since if these did exist I imagine many people would love to use them so an extortionate price wouldn't be very suitable. This can also double up as a rupee sink. I would personally suggest a price around the 50-100r range.
    3. Sell them like remote shop signs. This is my least favourite way to obtain them since it would involve having to spent IRL money to get them, which a lot of people would not like to. It would also mean they would have to be sold for a tiny amount of dollars per item frame if they were to remain cheap in value.
    Feel free to leave your thoughts and feedback below, and vote on the poll to let us know your opinion :)
  2. Didn't think of that, but yeah that would also be quite a good way to obtain.
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  3. Wonderful idea! I love it! :)
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  4. very interesting idea, my one concern would be placing one and not being able to find it the next day xD
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  5. They'd still show up with F3+B

    As for the suggestion, +1, and another +1 to tokens
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  6. I think giving it Final is a little silly since it's not the type of item that can be modified or repaired regardless :p
    Otherwise +1
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  7. +1!
    Love the idea. Not a big gamechanger regarding “op”, but would be really useful and amazing for builds around EMC!
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  8. They certainly should be a thing, but I don't think that they should be invisible when they don't have an item in em.
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  9. Apart from finding it on the ground I would love that

    Its simple
    Its already there with out much or any more code
    Love it
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