[Suggestion] Inter-Residential Ownership

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  1. Inter-Residential (Definition: Between residences... referring to the sidewalks, trees, and lamps)

    The way I see it, if someone pays senior staff/admin 10k (maybe reduce price to 5k?) ... instead of the staff removing the sidewalk, or having to worry about adding 'exactly' what the player wants in between reses ... the player is given ownership to the area on the sidewalk between the two reses.


    What if it's two different people's reses?

    Both people would have to give permission for this to be allowed... whoever pays gets the ownership (unless both want ownership - then perhaps co-ownership?)

    What if it's a square of reses (4 reses) instead of 2 ?
    B ..........B
    AC AC
    D ..........D
    B ..........B
    AC AC
    D ..........D

    Say each West side of reses in representation are side [A], North [B}, East [C], and South [D]

    Let's say res 3 and 4 are connected ... side [C] of 3 and [A] of 4 will then be connected ... (it doesn't matter if it's a 4 wide sidewalk... or 12 wide .... (it just takes half and adds it to the other half)

    The way 4 or more residences will work is when say 2 reses next to each other [1] & [2] ... have the same letter of side being used - they are then connected twice (using an edge or corner) ... [/B]

    So say those reses are connected by [C] and [A] ... but then want to connect them to reses [3] & [4] by use of side [D] ... (Since they were already connected once) ... there side D's will combine... so that say the sidewalk is 12 blocks wide ... they will go across halfway to 6 blocks... and then the same would happen with reses [3] & [4] connecting to reses [1] & [2] by adding the other 6 from side ... this way there isn't a square left in between the reses that can't be owned...

    if it's only 3 reses, 5, etc - and there won't be a square in between the reses, then you only have to connect the side of the res facing towards the others... ie) 1 with [C] connects with 2 using [A] ... 1 with [D] connects with 3 using .... since res number 4 wasn't used - there isn't a square needing claimed between the reses....

    What if one of the reses is later claimed ?

    If a res is later claimed - the area between the reses will remain, until the owner of the new residence pm's admin/staff for removal ... or if the other residence is removed - then it's the same as the res ownership with adding residence, except being reversed and the area being unclaimed - and set back to default to JustinGuy (or ICC or Aikar or Max)

    This feature would be very beneficial for multiple residence areas, that have a lot of changes that need to be changed a lot - or if neighbors want to work on a project together, or connect wiring across town ....

    What do you guys think?

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  2. Residences are made for 60x60, sidewalk ownership would increase that space to build which is not good.
  3. He means if you own 4 res', you can have permissions to alter the sidewalks because you own all the residences around the sidewalks anyway.
  4. Yep, and not just 4 reses... if own at least 2 reses ... and you pay the 10k - you could have the rights to do what you want on them.
  5. You are asking for what we have now then. People pay 10k to change the sidewalk. People pay 10k to change it back.
  6. A graph! I'M NOT GOOD WITH GRAPHS! D:
  7. So you want to lose money to change every time?
    And wouldn't you just want to do it yourself everytime?
  8. Alright tell me this, what happens if you " buy " the street. A few weeks later you change your residence. What happens?
  9. You change it back? Thats one of the points, you get perms to be able to change it yourself not have sr staff+ to do it for you.
  10. When you move your residence, do you still own the road?
  11. this is the thing... if you don't own any more reses connecting to the road you just paid money for (say by derelict or moving reses...) then no... the area between the reses will be reset... | if you own atleast one res still connected to the road next to the res - then you still own it, unless the other owner asks for it to be reset.
  12. I think it is a bit complicated, I like it so that you pay 10k each time you want to change the road.
  13. So you like wasting money?
  14. Well if you could "own" the center portion of the road, I think it would be very expensive, like 20-50k expensive
  15. Its a waste of money to change the road.
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  16. well for permissions on that part it'd be worth it
  17. I think this is something they will not change.
  18. You seem to very negative in suggestion threads.

    I personally like this idea, t's a bit complicated, but it's good. If my two reses were actually next to each other, I'd actually use this :p
  19. Hmmm...
    Its a very good idea!
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  20. i think this may have been suggested before tbh, however although i like this idea and dont think it would be a ridiculous amount of work i think it should be on the backburner for a while.atleast until that super secret update that noone knows about is released

    also whats your suggestion for people who already paid for the roads to be altered?