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What do you think?

Great Idea I would use all of it! 8 vote(s) 57.1%
Good Idea I would use some of it. 5 vote(s) 35.7%
Nice Idea, I probably wouldn't use it though. 1 vote(s) 7.1%
  1. So I was thinking that EMC could use a friends list. I was thinking in game. You could do something like /friend RebelSpartan0826 or /unfriend RebelSpartan0826.

    Then to add on to this, you could do /p friends to find out which friends are online, and which friends are derelict.

    I also think it would also be cool to add a friends chat (cross server if possible, but only on one server if that is all that is possible) where you can send a message to all your friends without having to invite every single one of them to a group chat.

    Finally, hardest of all, I think it would be cool to have an "invite feature" for friends or all players. Basically if you were hosting an event at your res you could do /send invite friends or /send invite RebelSpartan0826. This would send an invite to the player (that they would click accept on) that would teleport them to the server, and which ever part of the world they're in (meaning one of the waste spawns, wild spawns, or residences).

    I understand the difficulty to do these, but I feel like it was a good suggestion, let me know what you think.
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  2. I think the friends list feature is planned, not sure about the others.
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  3. Suggested commands:
    /friend add (username) - add a friend
    /friend del (username) - delete a friend
    /friend list - lists your friends and has a lime green asterisk* to ones that are online, and also shows friend requests

    And yes, the friends list feature is already planned. Your ideas sound great :)
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  4. 100% agree.

    I have to admit that this is the one thing I really missed out on; a warning when your friends appeared and got offline.

    Thing is: I keep chat "littler" to a minimum, ergo I have join/part/mod interaction completely hidden. Most of my friends know this, but a friends list to know exactly when some of them got online would really help. Some of my EMC friends (disclaimer: just to make a slight separation between you guys and the people I knew from "another place", no offense) aren't very familiar with this yet and sometimes that can lead to funny moments).

    The main feature request for me would be a warning if your friends got online and offline. That would really help gameplay.
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  5. Thanks for the positive feedback guys :) glad to know that at least something similar is planned :)
  6. I remember the days when we all used to have a wall with signs of friends >.> Call me old fashioned, but I am against anymore "social networkizing" of the game, leave that to the forums.
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  7. I never had a wall with signs of friends...
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  8. I still have that wall of friends somewhere on smp5. I must find it now...
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  9. Mine mostly consisted of good shops, but I still had a list of friends
  10. You can already make Friends List in minecraft

  11. What about Irene?
  12. Irenes pretty cool
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  13. Yes that Irene too.. she pretty cool but talking about the Jim Carrey movie:
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  15. I also remember friend walls, but those don't help me get in touch with my friends, I don't need a wall to know who they are and I don't need a list either, this was to make it easier for people to know when they're online and what not. I understand where you're against the social networking aspect of it, but Idk why this would really be that bad of an idea.
  16. Not a "bad" idea at all, just not something I am a fan of lol.
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  17. Yeah maybe bad wasn't the greatest word choice there, and I may have went a little overboard lol. Anyway, I'm glad to hear your opinion. The more the better :)
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