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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by kevmeup, Oct 16, 2015.

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  1. As an outpost owner it's important to communicate with members on the forums. Updates, grief checks, repairs, questions and coordination are all important. I'm positive you'll add groups when empires comes out, but until then can you bump it to 20-30 per mail?

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  2. I believe it's capped at 10 right now.
  3. I think this was suggested before, and declined. I want this to happen and it is at 8 right now.

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  4. Apparently this is a user/group setting of "maximum conversation participants". It defaults to 5 and is currently set to 10. If you can up it further to 20 that would be super helpful until you add empires groups.
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  5. I like it. I was thinking the same thing too.
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  6. I'm not sure but I seem to recall that this is tied to the version of Xenforo (forum software) which is being used. So there's little that can be be done right now. However, there are some tricks which you can use:


    This should allow you to create conversations with more than 10 people, just add them to the URL and off you go (I can't rule out the possibility that this has been changed in the mean time).

    And if you need more people to be added to an already existing conversation then you can PM Krysyy and ask her to add them.

    +1 But yeah, if this would be possible then I'm obviously all in favor of it.
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  8. You mean: http://empireminecraft.com/conversations/add?to=kevmeup,ayanamikun,lboss9001,hellokittyro

    I'm part of the squad too, bruh.
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  9. It would help to be able to remove participants also, if possible. Most of the time ten seems like it would be enough except that people go inactive and leave themselves in the conversation.

    I've been in multiple conversations where we have to abandon a the thread in order to add new people since we can't get the non-participants to respond and remove themselves to make room.

    Then you end up with a bunch of conversations named "New Thread" or similar and are forced to duplicate information from the previous threads, like planning, rules, or directions.
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  10. There is actually a setting for it in Xenforo:

    That's on Xenforo 1.2.1 which might not be the same or too near to EMC's current version.
  11. I'm currently looking for where it is possible to raise the participant number, but the removal is way trickier. The only way currently is to have people leave the conversation and I understand that can be a pain sometimes, but we do have limitations due to forum software. And Empires/Dragon Tombs comes first on Aikar's plate.
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  12. Figure out the link that nfell got that picture
  13. I see where that is, but not how to edit it per user group instead of per user. The way the groups system works it would break that since it currently shows 0 for a diamond supporter, which we know isn't true.
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  14. Looks to me like it says per participant, which would mean people under the group setting no? The wording confuses me
  15. I could always go through all 100,000+ members and add it manually =P
    OR I can find the correct location.
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  16. According to my estimate, it should only take you 5.8 days to change all our individual profiles as long as you skip sleeping and eating.
  17. Xenforo doesn't have per user permissions like that. There are selective ones for one promoting the account to Moderator or Administrator, but that doesn't include anything about PM's. Chances are that JustinGuy modified it or users are put into a secondary group which gives them the amount of recipients per PM.
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  18. Well then, I'll have to get right on that =P
    I think I see where it is, I just want to confirm with Aikar before I break anything and to determine the amount to adjust it =)
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