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  1. Something similar has been said by almost everyone who has come onto emc, at least once:

    "Why can't I get on this res? "
    "This res is never finished... "
    "I wish I had a spawn plot :/ "
    "This res is empty... are they ever going to finish?"
    "This person has too many spawn plots."

    All of these are in regards to the residences surrounding /spawn on each server

    These are the number of spawn residences that are 'obvious' they are incomplete or empty:

    smp-1 | 5/8
    smp-2 | 2/8
    smp-3 | 3/8
    smp-4 | 4/8
    smp-5 | 1/8
    smp-6 | 1/8
    smp-7 | 3/8
    smp-8 | 5/8
    smp-9 | 0/8 (at first glance)
    utopia | 7/8

    31/80 ...that's 39% (over 1/3) of spawn reses that look incomplete 'just at first glance'

    If someone teleports to an smp, the spawn reses are the first things an individual sees.

    The spawn reses (and the players on that server) are the major, crucial factors of whether an individual likes the look of that smp or not.


    So why are so many spawn reses incomplete?

    The main factor is prior supportership and derelict status...

    The majority of the spawn reses used to be owned by individuals who first got them when the server was released... but now are mostly owned by staff, supporters, or individuals with perm protection.


    How can we enforce an individual - builds on his/her residence without breaching derelict status/supportership?

    Residence completion verification and progress status - could be one idea.

    -After initial residence transfer (transferring to alts doesn't reset the counter) the individual will be given 1 month to start building ... if the residence has yet to have anything built on it - the ownership becomes void

    -If the residence appears abandoned (and incomplete) they will be given a notice and if they don't make significant building progress within the extended time period their residence will be moved and the residence will become available.

    -If the residence is complete (or near complete) (or significant change and is still being worked on) it can be added to the 'completed spawn residence' list....

    -If a prior completed res is going under construction (and is abandoned) the monthly notice re-applies and their completion status is removed

    -If a residence is complete move flag should be enabled (questionable)
    -If a residence is not complete move flag may be turned off

    *If it is abandoned/not complete/apparent 'trollified'/empty the residence won't be 'reset', but will be moved to another location


    Another option could be spawn res taxes .... you log on you pay your 'taxes' every 15days/30days ...if you don't your res is considered abandoned. Suggestion Redacted -Elite


    Lastly, could be res voting - if an owner of a residence not on the completed list (regardless of derelict status) gets too many removal votes, the owner is notified ...

    The owner may then try to progress the build and then do a vote submission, notifying all the individuals who voted on that residence, that he/she "worked on it - and to re-submit a vote if he/she improved"

    ... if the majority is no, it will add to a review count .... after 3 negative reviews the res is auto moved

    ... if the vote is yes then the voting process is reset for that individual


    Those are just my suggestions...

    I personally have perm protection at my spawn res, but if there's a newer policy in place that requires me to finish a build - I will do it. (and I feel something should be done for the other spawn reses too)

    If any of you have a different suggestion or like one of my suggestions, please comment on it.
  2. Tax em! I will pay my part if I must!
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  3. Man I don't know if I like this or hate it. I think the idea has potential but just feels so much like imposition of will. I agree on most of your points but at the same time, it is still someones res. There are SOOO many ugly/incomplete/abandoned res that aren't a spawn res. I understand the special place/expectation and I have been very upset at seeing one of my favorite builds lately removed due to derelict policy with someone else taking over and putting something that is not pleasing to the eye at all. However that is my opinion of course, it gives credit to the idea anyway.
  4. I'd pay too - but I was iffy about that suggestion, because some rich individuals could just pay for an empty res 'just' to be a nuisance - and would defeat the purpose of having a policy to remove incomplete reses
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  5. Was just thinking about doing that.
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  6. +100, I hate incomplete spawn reses they ruin the reputation emc as they are what a player first sees from /town. Other people should be given the opportunity of actually building proper spawn reses and not a sign that say soon opening for the past 2 years.
  7. Show me where the empty spawn res touched you.
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  8. Thats a little inappropriate to reference. Can you not make that kind of comment in the future?
  9. Only inappropriate if you think of it that way, if so then your mind is just in the gutter.
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  10. Oh my god, comic gold. Will you be my friend? Lmbo
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  11. I support this 100% Something needs to be done about people, that hog land and don't use it. Especially when it is good land near a spawn or a Empire res. It's rude and annoying, especially for someone who has seen these res's sit, unused for years.

    I understand sometimes people become busy with other things, but I think It should come down to how long they've let that res sit unused. Common courtesy should prevail, but if not that then rules must be implemented.
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  12. While I agree unfinished spawn residences can be annoying, I don't believe they should be 'treated' any different from other residences. -1
  13. I'm not sure about this one. It's a good idea but it doesn't seem right to change the direlict policy just for spawn reses. I do agree that it's annoying just seeing an empty res with a sign on it, but I don't think we should take the res away from them.
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  14. first off your premise for allowing people who usually paid good money for a spawn res to exist is contingent upon new players seeing that server. new players dont see utopia so your number is actually exactly 1/3
    your second theory states that most of these residences have been like that since said server was released, which for the most part is also completely untrue. of those numbers of residences that fit your criterion only about 3 have been around since the server was released.
    so fitting your numbers into a real equation only .04167 or 4.2% need to change.

    thats not even putting into consideration that this is essentially griefing peoples spawn res. also hasnt you and baili's "casino" res sat closed and untouched for months at a time?
    i vote you finish and open your res before you start thinking about other peoples

    edit: i do think spawn plots shouldnt be able to keep off move tho forever, maybe like set for a week on those plots max (to give time for building or preparing for events without having to constantly reset it) and then move opens, i remember going on smp4 when i was younger to emc and like every res had move off and i didnt know what to do
  15. I could see this being added maybe, so long as it was not very aggressive.
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  16. Not showing anything but, I'll say that residence protected or not.. Should be treated as with the derelict policy that was set.
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  17. I dislike this idea because it goes directly against the 'play your way' principle. Who are we to tell someone what they should do with their residence?

    Some players will build on it, some players will leave it, some will build and never finish it and some...well... In my opinion this isn't about us but about them. If they are satisfied with their residences, who are to judge?

    And before you comment about how this makes a server look bad or a little sloppy... Sorry, I beg to differ: it makes the server look realistic in my opinion. Because this is exactly what a server & community is all about: we're not perfect.

    This is just my 2 cents, but I believe that it was for a very good reason why the official EMC trailer shows you that you can "build anything" after which it shows some majestic buildings. Followed by.... A mudhut, while emphasizing: anything.

    Sorry but -1 from me.
  18. My original game designs weren't able to be implemented - spigot broke my redstone because of changes with server tick speeds (they altered timings with comparators and repeaters) xD

    So I 'closed' my res until I thought of something newer...I was actually starting to tear it down and build something completely different but a lot of people wanted me to keep the casino....

    My res itself was finished, I just hadn't added games to it...

    I have a newer design that doesn't rely on server tick speed now, instead relies on item stacking ... so I've been working on newer games as we speak and building them for past week.

    -Though, my res has been inactive for about 3-4 months up until the last week, it comes no where to the amount of incompleteness or inactive time frame of some reses next to me or reses on other servers .... they have been unchanged, unfinished, abandoned, or had move off for months to years....

    I could technically just log out and never change it - since I have perm protect, i'd be fine ... but what would that benefit the community? I'd like to see my work complete, so if there's a policy added, i'm willing to get the initiative to finish.
  19. Just to clarify, are the spawn res's not bound by the derelict policy? If so, why not?
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  20. They are but most people vote, have supporter, permanent direlict protection, or login once every 30 days to protect it.
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