[suggestion] hunger in town

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  1. i believe that there should be some more difficulty in town. even if it is not full hunger i think there should be some. i know millions of people who have tons of food (including me) and cant do anything with it but throw it away. the average person on the smp's does not go into the wild or nether and therefore doesn't even need food. i know when i first started i didnt go to wild for the first 2-3 weeks. no hunger in town really ruins the economy for farmers like me and i still only go to the wild one or twice a week if that.
  2. *posts how about no bear*

    this has been brought up before, and the town is meant for safety. believe me, food prices will go up with the new dragon update :)
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  3. How does it ruin the economy?
    People go into the wild you know, and they need food.
    And by the way..
  4. Precisely. It's why so many "PLZ ADD MOBZ IN TOWN" threads have been rejected.
    What RainbowChin says here has another great point. If people keep needing to stock food in town, then the food will run out when people actually need it going into the wild.
  5. Everything ruins the economy, does it?
  6. Seems like it, these days.
  7. I wonder if walking ruins it? Oh, I've got on idea! Let's charge 100000r for using teleport commands, and surround town spawn with walls of lava, of course, charging for exit! That'll fix the economy... I'm sure it will...
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  8. And charge 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000r for every nanosecond you play!
  9. So much yes! What about report tax too, so you have to pay to report people? I could see that working as an amazing money sink!
  10. I hope it's not too expensive, I'm only allowed 1000 rupees.
  11. It will cost 1001r - just to be particually awkward. Aikar, why haven't these amazing money sink ideas been implemented into EMC yet? They're amazing!
  12. And don't forget the googol tax on every single transaction that takes place.
  13. I approve of this. We should make everyone pay in coal to prevent this being a problem... I'm such a genius...
  14. Because he decided to leave his position as mod/admin since well, we don't really need them.
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  15. You can't imagine how much I'm laughing right now xD
  16. I think that hunger should be in town, because I own a restaurant on smp2 and i don't get any customers. It costs me a lot just to keep it open and I could use that space to make more hotel rooms, but I have a restaurant there and without hunger, I may have to shut it down
  17. How about a 'No' ... Town is a safe place where you don't need to worry about being damaged from hunger, and fall damage, and potions, etc .... maybe you could still eat stuff in town just for props even with full hunger .... and it could give you a short perk boost - but as for it going down? ... you'd get the word 'no, for this suggestion' from me.
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  18. And charge 5,0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 for every letter you type in the forums!
  19. Loophole! Switch to binary! 10101010101010010001010111010101010101011 :p