[SUGGESTION] Health shown for Mobs

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  1. Hey Guys!

    My idea is that when you look at a mob it shows the health of it.
    For example the damage indicators mod. This shows the health of the mob you are looking at.
    This is what it would sort of be like if you added a custom plugin like this.
    There is an attached image
    Ignore the unarmed thing on the image
    Hope you enjoy my idea,


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  2. I think this could be cool for the Custom Mobs, but it would really annoy me to see it over every mob.
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  3. I believe Aikar wants a Boss Health Bar for the Marlix/Momentus, but I would rather not have this specific health bar over any mobs.
  4. Over bosses yes every mob no it would be annoying imagine if you have a chicken farm an seeing all there health at once @_@.
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  5. It could be possible to throw it in as a player setting.
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  6. Well I meant either looking at it or after you have hit it if you know what I mean
  7. Download Damage Indicators...

    Problem solved.
  8. Is that allowed?
  9. Yes
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  10. +1 if only for bosses
  11. But, like you said, it's like the damage indicators mod. Then why don't you just install the damage indicators mod if you want it? :p
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