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  1. The current player settings is effective, just not very pretty.

    I suggest a little GUI change. I have made a double chest and placed some items that go with the corresponding setting.
    Head - Head Drop Settings
    Note Block - Chat Notifications
    Diamond Sword - Difficulty Settings
    Map - Map Settings
    Chest - Player Shop Notifications
    Paper - Information
    Emerald - Token Notifications

    For items with only one option, the place simply clicks on the item to toggle it on/off. For options with more than one option, like the Chat Notifications, the player clicks the item and is sent to another GUI.
    Chat GUI
    Red - Decrease
    Green - Increase
    Hover over the note blocks to see which setting is which

    Difficulty Settings GUI
    Green - Easy
    Yellow - Default
    Orange - Hard
    Red - Torture

    Head Drop Settings GUI
    Head - PVE
    Sword - PVP
    Green - On
    Red - Off

    I use panes because they fill up the entire slot. I believe that this will be way more easier than the current set up.
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  2. This looks a lot prettier than how it is currently laid out, I like the idea! It would be easier to use too, a lot more visual. If we have time to implement it then I say +1 from me! :)
  3. It will be so much easier.... +1
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  4. +10 Im down with that.
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  5. +1 All Day!
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  6. Hm, I don't really like that. With the current system you can see at first sight what options are listed where, and how you can change them. With your idea, you'll need to hover over things.
    It also needs an extra click. For example, for setting the difficult to 8, you first click on difficulty and then on 8. While in the current system you can just click eight right away. The decrease/increase option would need even more clicks.
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  7. So it got has pretty pictures xD lol
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  8. Current System:
    • /ps
    • Click Change Difficulty
    • Click 8
    My System:

    • /ps
    • Click the Sword (Change Difficulty)
    • Click the 8th pane, red.
    Not much of a difference. One has pictures, one has text. :p

    Edit: The only real reason I suggest this is this: Spam
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  9. It would be easier with the pictures cause some ppl cant read that good.
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  10. Oh whoops, yes, you're right. And the pictures are also pretty straight-forward... okay, you've convinced me! :)
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