[Suggestion] Frost Walker Promo Horse

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Would you want one

Absolutely 30 vote(s) 83.3%
Never That! 6 vote(s) 16.7%
  1. I feel Like a frost walker promo horse would be amazing not just for horse breeders but for the everyday player as well. I would like to think that the horse would have above average stats and would be available via /promo. thanks that is all
    the horse would be procing frost walker
  2. Would the horse create frost when it goes on water? Or do we need to be wearing the boots with the enchanting?
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  3. the horse would
  4. I think this would be a great promo, a way to travel fast over land and sea without having to stop and pull out a boat!
  5. Haha this would be awesome! Maybe as a winter holiday promo (Most likely following the chain of reindeer names)? +1 for me, nice suggestion :)
  6. i kinda think this would become a bit too op :confused:

    i also wonder if the server lag could keep up ^.^
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  7. was thinking about this as well so i was thinking not like 130 speed or something like that maybe 110-120
  8. still 2 op. ur mending boots wear out, so u need 2 repair them. a horse would never wear out, just sounds 2 op for me, soz.
  9. Fair enough
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  10. -1

    It would completely negate the use for a boat. It was initially a thing (riding a horse with frost walker boots) but Mojang removed it.
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  11. Based on what i saw while searching on the internet this was more then likely a bug that they removed.
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  12. Good searching skills. I can only assume that they removed it due to it's OP nature. It would phase out boats.
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  13. -1 i prefer to use boats for this...
  14. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and its not like one would be forced to use it. it would be a promo so you can sell it if needed. However i do respect boats for ceartin things where frost walker for others
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  15. It is not about having the option to use it, it's its existence.
  16. not quite sure how to respond to that.
  17. 1+ Would feel like a white walker
  18. Hrm. This sounds pretty neat, but I too think that it would be too OP. If staff were able to make it so it takes durability, then maybe. If you really think that it is something you want to be included, click here.
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  19. already done that also i have talked to some staff about this and they think it would be viable if they get the balancing right
  20. I love the idea! lol
    Always open to the idea of more horses :)
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