[Suggestion] Free Limited Supportership For New Members

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    I have an interesting idea I want to share with all of you today. First off, some of you know that the Empire has a few problems right now. The damaged economy, new members skipping the tutorial or not staying in EMC for too long, and not enough new members joining everyday. Well while I was showering, I thought of an interesting idea. This idea is giving new members a free, limited supporter-ship voucher. Now immediately this sounds like a bad idea but keep reading.
    A limited supporter-ship voucher would give a user the ability to use some supportership features such as creating a spawn point at daylight or using the supporter chat... More details later on.
    The idea is that when a new player logs into the Empire for the first time, they would be in the tutorial room. Now they have the choice to /skip the tutorial or a new message would pop up saying "Complete the Tutorial to earn a free LIMITED supportership!" This would give incentive to make the new player complete the tutorial. At the end of the tutorial, the user would earn a free limited supporter voucher which they could redeem. Their supporter-ship would last a lot less longer than a regular supporter (so 1 month). So probably something like 1 or 2 weeks of limited supporter-ship.

    Now to get to the point on why this would be useful:
    First, by making them complete the tutorial, there would be less confused players going around asking for help that they could've learned from the tutorial.
    Second, by giving them this limited supporter-ship, it would give them an idea of how having supporter would be nice, which might make a many of them want to buy a month of real supporter-ship --- By doing so, the Empire earns more money. And by earning more money, it could be used to expand the empire or buy more advertisement spots. And this would thus, bring in more players who would repeat the cycle of buying supporter-ship.
    Third, This would help the Economy because this is basically adding rupees inside the system. People would be willing to buy up these vouchers, and of course, the spending of money would help the economy.
    Fourth, because of the supporter having 1 or 2 weeks of use, some new players may want to stay in the game longer so they wouldn't waste their supporter voucher. Which is good :)

    Obviously there is a con to this...
    Some real supporters wouldn't like this because they would feel that it is unfair how new players immedately become supporter... plus the supporter-chat would get annoying

    Now some features of the limited supportership would be:
    1 or 2 weeks of supporter
    Supporter chat features
    Bed Spawn
    Increase of daily rupees to maybe 200 rupees?
    Supporter Auctions
    Other supporty things.
    (But this limited supporter wouldn't have maphide, tnt, utopia, etc.)

  2. I think this could be a great idea.

    I don't think they should have access to supporter chat or supporter auctions(what if they win one after they bid in it?) They should have access to features like map hide, as that is one of the big selling points for supporter ranks.

    And this could be a good alternative to increasing daily rupee bonuses.
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  3. And we should definatly NOT include the ability to claim more residences. Maybe give them Iron? Of Gold without the 2nd claimable res?
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  4. 1st I do not get an Empire Guide and now I will not be able to get this.
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  5. The purpose isn't for everyone to have it.. that'd be defeating the purpose.

    I'm not going to say anything for now and let some discussion rise first.
  6. This would take a lot of money away from Starlis. It would be better to give them a one week chance to get it at like 10% off or something similar to that.
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  7. Not 1 -2 weeks, maybe like 3 - 5 days.

    EDIT: I also suggest taking away the automatic rupees they get per day, because it will give them incentive to come back to the server.
  8. I think this idea would be a lot like those free sample people you see at those food places.
    You grab a sample, say "I am so going to buy this" or something.
    You don't.
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  9. Yeah, the only reason I go to those is for free stuff lol
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  10. Could 48 hours of gold supporter (no free residence) hurt anyone? I think not :D
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  11. I agree with all of this. I think it short be a short, 48-72 hour period, should NOT be diamond, DEFINITELY cannot claim residences, and I think that it shouldn't be a voucher, I think it should automatically activate upon tutorial completion.
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  12. Just for the record, you can get an empire guide. Do /promo. :)
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  13. If you have ever found yourself paying for HBO during a month when regular viewers can watch for free...

    I like the idea of giving all players a taste of Supporter perks, but any way I can think of to do it, is giving away something other people are paying to get.

    Also, I'm not sure many new players would even understand what they are getting. We have to coach many of them through finding and claiming a Residence as it is. Adding a Voucher that they can use now or later, enables some Supporter features and not others, and is for a limited time would confuse people who are sometimes already pretty confused.
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  14. I think it would.
  15. Hmm. I've got some ideas related to this for the future, but now thinking about it, we can enable SOME of the perks while they are a new player.

    So, not giving them colored names or extra res's, but increase their perks a bit, with messaging "You are getting a free preview of supporter features, upgrade to unlock this plus more for a month."

    Things like: Extra vault pages, Extra Stables, Set bed during day, extra res tags, bonus rupees, map hide.
  16. What is invalid in your argument is this thread isn't talking about samples at food places; this is about samples in VIDEO games. This would only apply to new members too, and it would give the new members a rough idea on how supportership works, and soon if the empire gets REALLY popular, those new members will want to buy supporterships because they already know how it works out.
  17. No.
  18. What would happen to the stuff in the extra vault and stables when it expired, though?
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  19. The main purpose isn't suppose to be having EVERYONE get a supportership, that kinda just's washes away this whole thread. Sounds kinda greedy to me.
  20. Probably the same thing that happens when your supporter goes away. That's what I am guessing.