[Suggestion]: /fr derelict (remove derelict players)

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  1. Hi gang!

    I know, I know: I'm addressing a suggestion which, in a slightly different form, has been previously denied. But considering the new anti-grief system I believe things changed.

    The /friends list has become more important with the anti-griefing update. But no matter how careful you are with your /friends, it can always happen that some of them end up becoming derelict. And with the new system that could provide problems. For example: someone could simply leave the Empire, give up on Minecraft, sell their account and before you know a stranger could suddenly gain access to your protected buildings.

    Now, I can respect that derelict players are to be left alone (so definitely not singling them out by clearly showing their status in a list). So my suggestion: /fr derelict. This would remove ('clean'?) any players from your friends list who have become derelict.

    I think this might provide the best of both opposites. It helps players to quickly remove derelict players from their friends list without putting extra unwanted attention to a players derelict status. Players could actually use this command without even realizing that someone had become derelict.
  2. +1 You'll prolly use this on me soon shel. :p
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  3. +1. This could come in handy if you add random players as friends. :)
  4. +1, Certainly something I'd use.
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  5. I would never have a use for this... I see your reasoning, though.
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  6. With the new Anti-Grief update is it worth the hassle to have a friend who may go derelict or may sell there account without prior forewarning. Not really in my opinion.
    I think that your suggestion is a good idea. However simply being able to do /f derelict may be the extent of the command. In which it then only show you which friends have gone inactive but doesn't remove them. That removal of an inactive friend would rest upon your shoulders to do the dirty deed of friend list expulsion.
  7. Agreed, I even made a request suggestion of that. The thread is locked now, on my own request. The main comment from staff was that they don't want to highlight derelict players because it could cause unwanted side-effects.

    Note: I don't fully agree with their argument, but I do see their point: The main problem being that once you discover that a friend has become derelict then you could opt to start voting for them, thus making sure that their residence remains. This is not an ideal situation for the Empire, because chances are high that you might be keeping a residence occupied while the owner might not even be interested in playing anymore.

    Another side-effect is forceclaiming. If you have an overview of derelict players you also have a list of potentially interesting residence locations (now also referring to the /v derelict suggestion, which got denied).

    This is why I specifically chose not to include anything which makes derelict players stand out.
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  8. This is very interesting indeed, and I dislike adding people as friends who went derelict long ago so +1
  9. +1. I like this.
  10. why would being active in EMC determine if you are friend or not :confused::eek:
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  11. -1, imo.

    Friends should not have a derelict timer. You are not truly friends with someone if you're unfriending them over some new addition to the server.
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  12. I have kind of the opposite problem. I was doing a big joint build with another player. They quit EMC just before the friend update. Now I can't work on the project because it has some fundamental flaws & I can't break his blocks to fix them. I contacted staff, who in turn contacted senior staff, but they will do nothing to help me. The only way is to get this player, who I do not know in real life to come back and add me as a friend.

    Sorry, I was off subject and venting. +1 I can definitely see where this might be helpful.
  13. It is/was a 24 "village" Iron farm. However, some of the golems spawn where they shouldn't & I can't fix it without block break perms, even though I built about 3/4 of it and have joint locked chests with the player in question :(.
  14. What kind of building and how many blocks are we talking about? I can't help get the impression that you may want to try and ask another moderator than before. But also: make sure that the staff really understands what you're asking. If they don't then misunderstandings can seem to easily happen as well. But a regular moderator should be able to help out here, depending on the size of course.

    When we're talking about a huge building then I guess your best option is the new SS service: apply for protection and request all gets reset to your name. But that would costs you some rupees.

    Reason for my comment: so far I've had only positive experiences with protected blocks and staff. However, those have always been relatively small issues.
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  15. I will pm you, I don't want to derail Shel's thread
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  16. Could you include me? I'm kind of curious but also wondering if there's really not something which can be worked out here.
  17. +1 Would be great to have this :D
  18. Sounds like a good addition but why not have it automatic? Having the ability to shut it off?
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