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  1. Hey, all! I've got yet another suggestion for ya'll, I think a few people out there may enjoy it!

    1. Forum color set
    A few players out there constantly use the same font/color over and over again, but on mobile, it may be frustrating due to you having to remember the formatting code. This recommendation is more to the convenience for mobile users.

    Under the preferences tab (you can access this by scrolling over your name in the top right), there could be another little box, just like the box when you post a message on a thread. You can set what font/color/formatting you what, then hit save. A little box under can also gives you a preview of the font. This means, whenever you type, the formatting will be automatically set for you. Not sure if this is confusing, and I'm also not sure if the version of our forum is high enough for this, but it would be awesome if it was implemented.

    2. Another Forum Box: Guides

    Recently, I've been writing a good few guides. As has been ShelLuser. What I'm recommending is another board for all guides and such. Any things on there not related to guides will be removed by a staff member.

    This can give easy access to all guides, instead of having to look through all 20 odd boards to find the guide that you need.

    So yeah! +1, 0, or -1?
  2. my format is saved...it works on my phone and here...maybe you are doing something wrong.

    the second part has to do with xenforo i dont think we could add a box for that, there should be a tab on the wiki for it though
  3. The guide board actually seems like a really good idea and could be done. After all, we've added the Empire Creativity before.
    Changing the standard formatting... Hm, I'm not so sure. I feel like it'd require some less-than-basic modding of XenForo which we don't want to do as it would make it harder to update the software.
    Also, a tip: built-in on iOS, and probably available on Android too, is a shortcuts system, where you can set up your own shortcuts. I use it a lot. If I type "clr" I get [COLOR=#880080], and if I type "vd" I get [FONT=verdana].
  4. I'm a little hesitant with the separate guide forum because although people have been writing plenty of guides I'm not too sure if there are enough to warrant their own forum.

    However... Maybe we could work something out on the wiki. We already have community teams, why not a "community guides" page? Of course that decision is up to the staff, but I can always suggest it and set up a rough draft within the upcoming 2 weeks.
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  5. Not so much for the formatting thing, as I believe that these forums are not of Aikar's creation and are simply a template provided by a web company (confirmation?) so -1 on that. (0 if these forums are Aikars')

    The guides thing is a very good idea, for new and old players alike. +1 for this one
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  6. Templates aren't particularly easy to do within Xenforo (possible, but probably not worth the time). If you're desperate for them, look into Greasemoney as that is able to accomplish what you'd gain by adding them clientside.
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  7. Hmm, that's quite a weird way to spell Tampermonkey ;)
  8. The guide board is something that used to exist before the wiki.
    I recently was looking at adding something to the wiki that might address this, though guides in this section would only be added by contribution team members.

    Pending discussion.
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  9. What about updating the "become a supporter" graphic at the top? It says that you get to use TNT, access utopia, and fly on utopia- but free players can do all of that
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  10. It's on my to-do list about 5 from the top.
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