[Suggestion] - For reducing the amount the frontier is ravashed by new comers

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  1. I know that it is called the Wilderness Frontier and from the wiki (and in the beginner's tutorial) it shows:

    /frontier - Teleports you to a random Frontier outpost from Town. Alternatively, you may also use /wild.
    /frontier m, n, s, w or e - Teleports you to a specific Frontier outpost.

    When I first got to EMC I half read through the tutorial just to get in world. Once in world, having an established residence I then proceeded on a quest for materials to start building my home. My first gut reaction was to type in /wild because on every other server I have ever been on /wild is the wastelands where you go to gather your resources. Once getting to the frontier through the use of /wild I got the big red message that said this place is for permanent building, no griefing, etc. (I'm not online right now to go out there and quote what is said as you arrive at the frontier) It was at this point that I went back to the tutorial and hit up the wiki page to see where I really needed to go. Question is how many new comers will take that time to do that or even pay attention to the red banner message when they get to /wild because that is what they are use to just about everyplace else? I'd say not to many... plus I don't want to point to any stereotypical demographic areas of people either.

    With that said, my suggestion would be to remove the "Alternatively, you may also use /wild" from accessing the frontier so that a person would have to really look-up /frontier in order to get there and by that time they would know what the frontier is really for (I would hope) because /frontier is not a norm on other servers. In addition, I would add /wild to the wastelands so that when the newcomer gets here and, like me, type in /wild out of habit from being on other servers, would get to a place that resources could be gathered from preserving the spawn and deeper areas of the frontier.

    I'm not making this suggestion to make EMC more like other servers. I like EMC for what it is and that is why I made my home here. I am making this suggestion to try to preserve the frontier for what it should be and utilized for and with /wild being that default wastelands on other servers this puts the frontier looking even more like a war zone with every newcomer that arrives and uses the /wild. I know of several efforts that are ongoing to clean up the spawn areas of the frontier (particularly, for me, SMP6 because that is my home and following Perry_Stahlsis's thread lead on that effort) but the effort at this time seems a little futile because with every newcomer going to the /wild to get their initial resources it undermines the efforts that are being put forward. Since we are also growing, as noted from the projected expansion of all the towns, the frontier is in an even more elevated state of peril of being torn apart from well... people that don't care and the influx population that again, know /wild as a resource gather place elsewhere.

    Thank you in advance for taking the time to consider my suggestion.

    Edit: Any other survival server.
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  2. Then what happens when they start building permanent structures?

    I like /wild (the command) also! I have never used the whole frontier idea. All the way back since I joined I have used the wild for everything but getting quartz.

    It has been a while since I have actually played much on any other server, but when I used to the "town" and "wild" were in the same world, and it was always /warp wild.
  3. /wild stuck around purely for the older players.

    I, for one, would not like to see it changed.
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  4. Hm... I see what you mean... I'm not too sure on the matter, honestly. Does the red text mention /waste?
  5. Or, you could read the tutorial! Isn't that why they even put a tutorial?!
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  6. Players are very lazy or don't want to read, so they just speed through. Two tutorial remake ago, you were to just skipped the whole thing...
  7. Why not just make the red text more simple and glaring? Like

    If you want to farm materials, please type /waste
    Otherwise, feel free to make your vanilla home out in the wild!
  8. But then you're telling new players untruths, confusing them even more...
  9. That is confusing. 'you will be banned if you take a single block from here to town. Let's think about what they might think:
    'What? So if I take a block in my inventory from town to waste, I can't take it back?'
    'What? I want to take down my own house.'
  10. Plus, you are totally allowed to mine in the Wilderness, if you have your base there, and take your stuff to town as well.
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  11. I personally agree with this. Very few people actually read the tutorial which means that they will instinctively use /wild to get to the "resources world." It wouldn't be too hard for everyone to do the switch over.
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  12. So... You continue to strip a static non-renwable world for it's resources instead of going to the /waste which has an abundance of periodically renewed natural resources because you "never used the whole frontier idea"? Hmmm. No comment. Well just one... I have seen this mindset in others too that continue to strip mine the static frontier(on a large scale), as long as it looks pretty on top, because it is an inconvience to re-setup a strip mining operation after a reset in a resource renewable world. There is a difference between gather resources for your community/outposts in the frontier and turning a profit from laying waste to the underside of a static world. But that discussion should be an entirely different thread.

    This is correct. The town and the "wild" are on the same server in many cases. They have the /warp wild to take you to an area that resources can be gather so that you are not stripping the town or the surrounding area of them. On these servers they periodically restore the "warp wild" area or change the "warp wild" to another area for resource and strip mining activities. This also strengthens my point... When a new player goes through the tutorial and they see /frontier, /waste, /wild... /wild is what will stick in their minds when hurrying through the tutorial just to get in world and out of conditioning, from other /warp wild places, and go straight there to start gathering resources tearing up the spawn and deeper areas.

    I understand that people in general don't like change but with the establishment of the two world environments (frontier and waste) one being static and one being renewable as far as resources are considered and the fact as stated above where your average newcomer knows "wild" as being the strip mining area of the world because they don't really read the tutorial when joing or jump on the wiki as soon as they get here to learn the difference between them... I believe that redirecting the /wild to the wastelands instead of the frontier would significantly reduce teh damage done to the frontier spawn areas and let us return them to their natural beauty.
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  13. When I said I have never "used the whole frontier idea" I meant that I was around before the wasteland existed. Back then, this whole frontier thing was called the wild. I much prefer using the wild for everything. Including mining. The only thing I use the wastelands for is Quartz.
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  14. This.

    I've been around since the 'Frontier' was called the Wild. I will always call it the wild, I always will, and I don't think I've ever used /frontier.

    I don't even remember the reason why it was changed...
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  15. I never said or suggested this.
    Players read the tutorial. Not everyone does, but you're generalizing here. You shouldn't generalize when trying to make a point when you're completely wrong.

    My point is, I've been around for a long time here and it's always been the /wild. I've never used /frontier at all... besides, /wild is easier to type.
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  16. Not a big deal. I was just offering an idea to possibly reduce the damage to the frontier spawns from new people coming in and going to /wild automatically cause they have been conditioned from many other servers that the wild is where you gather your resources. That's all. Not trying to offend anyone.
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  17. I don't think getting rid of /wild will do much. I've asked a bunch of players if they knew/thought /wild existed and if they'd mine there. All players asked had the new tutorial when they joined. I have included every single reply I have gotten. Basically, your argument is 0/3. The results:

    My messages are stylized as this.
    Their replies are stylized as this.

    When you joined, did you ever KNOW or THINK the command /wild existed? Have you ever tried the /wild command?
    i havent ever tried it i always just stuck to /waste

    When you joined, did you ever KNOW or THINK the command /wild existed? Have you ever tried the /wild command?
    i have guessed
    i have
    i dont think it works
    It actually does. :)
    But, follow-up question: would you mine there?
    no i would probably build
    Or would you use /frontier or /waste?

    When you joined, did you ever KNOW or THINK the command /wild existed? Have you ever tried the /wild command?
    No, I always thought it would be /wilderness.
    Okay, /wild and /wilderness are the same thing.
    But, follow-up question: would you mine there? Or would you use /frontier or /waste?
    I do occasionally. I always use /waste
    So you only mine in the Wastelands?
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  18. That's good. I'm glad you followed up on this with polling the player base. I withdraw my suggestion.
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