[Suggestion] Fly over banned players res

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Turn fly flag to true on banned players res

Yes 22 vote(s) 95.7%
No 1 vote(s) 4.3%
  1. Currently when a player is banned their flags are turned to a template for banned players. The fly flag is currently set to false on these res. Not only that but banned players res also stays there for like a month before it can be forceclaimed so I can't even move this obstruction next to my res. Currently while flying if you happen upon a banned persons res it stops you mid flight, lots of lag ensues, you jump around and your screen and character act all funny(yeah, i get it the same thing happens on someone with move flag set to false im just being dramatic because its annoying lol) and you are stopped in midair. You CAN walk on a banned persons res though so its not like you are bypassing some system flag when it comes to getting somewhere.

    My suggestion is very simple, change that flag to true. I can fly past this mostly empty res, as can many others without having to wait 30 days for the roadblock to fix itself.
  2. Sounds like a reasonable suggestion to me. If the player had fly turned on before then I don't see the added value of having this turned off, especially because of reasons stated above.

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  3. i personally think we should be able to fly over all res's :p but we cant land or look around - not sure how that would work tho
  4. Through much deduction and critical thinking, I think I can reasonably guess you're talking about Utopia.

    Well, I think if the default "move" flag for banned residences is true, then so should be the default "fly" flag.
    Default, as in it can probably stay false if the player had it that way.

    Plus one.
  5. Not talking about utopia. the only time I ever go there is to buy from poof or to retrieve someone that has migrated there lol. I'm on smp7 and I have run into two of these res flying around. I have run into quite a few no move flags also so I TRY to stay over the roads when I'm flying around town but that is no easy task, especially when you can't see the ground.
  6. I believe he means the glide flag for elytra. However, doesn't change my response either way; it sounds reasonable to me that if you can move by walking onto such a residence, moving by way of elytra should also be perfectly legal.
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  7. Why don't the residence of banned member get deleted? I feel like that'd be the easiest solution.
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  8. they're there to set an example =P
  9. not all bans cause a purge.
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  10. Some people dispute the ban, and if someone disputes it and gets unbanned, their stuff should not be effected. I see what your saying, but I think that it would be more reasonable to give the player 10 days to dispute and if they don't, their residence gets removed.
  11. I'm not sure if since the OP this has happened but now when I fly over a banned persons res I just freefall, don't glitch out like I am flying into a false move flag res. At least I don't get DCed lol. I have only dced once when flying into a false move flag res. most of the time after trying to turn around for like 30 seconds I can actually turn while my character has a seizure lol.

    Edit: the res of the banned person says that it is a permaban. I was told by staff these res are not deleted so that they can make sure the person was banned rightfully and not by mistake.
  12. I think yes if the player originally had fly on that res, but no if they didn't.