[Suggestion] Fly Flag on Utopia

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Should a fly flag be added to server Utopia?

Yes 7 vote(s) 100.0%
No 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Alright so I want to build things like jumping puzzles on my Utopia residence and I want to have a prize at the end, however, I am concerned that diamond supporters will just fly to the end of the parkour and get to the end of it without even going through it the right way. I know that flying is a big deal for diamond members and I really love to fly when I am diamond, but may I suggest adding a fly flag to the server Utopia so I can turn off flying for them once I let them begin the parkour jumping puzzles? I dont want to have them switch to another server and build the parkour else where, because that would be confusing and more work than it needs to be.

    Thank you for your time.

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  2. Krysyy just told me that this won't happen. She said: "Adding a flag is a pain and we already have too many flags. Build it on another server."
  3. Yeah but some things are too big to do on other servers. In this case, MrBigBux's project is 120x120.
  4. The second one is 2012 and they suggested allowing flying not a flag to prevent it, the second is over a year old. He would have most likely been shouted at, quite loudly for posting on that thread.
    And who's really going to go and look on Trello or Youtrack? Not to mention that's over 10 months old, it would bring attention and allow Aikar, as he's tagged it to 'Review Later'
  5. I cant stand people who tell me to look over the entire website to find others who have already posted about it. Why would I do that? If I start a new discussion, then everyone will see if first because it is new and I am likely to get better results.

    Plus, if Ark_Warrior1 just talked to kryssy, than why didnt she come and post that herself? Please dont say an admin or senior moderator said something, because I wont believe it until they come post it on this thread themselves. Besides, if enough people want a fly flag, then it will be done. End of story. Plus I explained why I didnt want it on another server. I should be able to build what I want, where I want, and not have to be put down because there isnt a fly flag. I want to be creative and productive, and I cant because there isnt a fly flag. That is why I posted this thread, so I could see if others want a fly flag as well.

    The whole point I was trying to make is I want to build a casino on my res (#5005) and I dont want diamond supporters able to fly for my games. I dont have anything against diamond supporters, I myself have been diamond dozens of times (literally) but I dont like cheaters, and I dont want to have to make the games boxed in and cramped just because someone cant just put a fly flag in to begin with.

    So please think about what you are posting before you post and keep the comments positive. Thank you for your time.

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