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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by craftsman234, Jul 28, 2012.

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  1. Hey EmpireMinecraft! Today I like to suggest, like it says in the Title, a fly flag for all residences. It works like this: The owner of the res can fly all he or she or it wants, but if say, the owner's friend wants to air frolick in the res too. Then the owner can write /res pset (Friend's Name) fly t. If the owner want's to take it away after: /res pset (Friend's Name) fly f. It's an awesome way to experience the res in a whole different way. And don't worry: They fall when they exit their res. :D
    So, tell me what you think, EMC!

    Craftsman234, Res 6814
  2. Bad idea.
    EMC is Vanilla,Or close to it :p
    Flying isent vanilla
    Accept it and move on :p
  3. EMC Is A Vanilla Server So : how-about-no-bear.jpg
  4. i think if makes the vanilla part of EMC go away.
  5. Yeah, I guess you guys are right No Fly Flag for EMC!
  6. You are not the first one to suggest this- When I read the title, I thought you wanted us to have literal Flags in our residences, Which I thought was a cool idea
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  7. Srry If I confused you :p
  8. i would like that
  9. This isn't a good idea, BUT EMC is NOT vanilla. It is Bukkit with a vanilla mentality as 1) You don't have WE with vanilla 2)We use Bukkit plugins.
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  10. Yay for the 100th time (I think) EMC is vanilla in the sense of no new blocks being put into the server. But I still think we should have flying in our res. Makes those tall builds easier.
  11. No flying piggehs!? :(
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  12. You'll have to get everything yourself like if you were playing LEGIT SSP.

    The only exception of EMC Vanillaness Is the Town residence protection stuff and shops. But without that this server would be a mess :p
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  13. Lol- That was just the Title, I just jumped the gun a bit with my thoughts
  14. Yet the /town is not "Vanilla" you allways jump to this,
  15. hmm.. True.. I suppose... Since town isn't vanilla.
  16. It would also make building easier by alot :p
  17. Actually Flying is vanilla.
    Remember something called classic? you would fly.
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  18. Alot of likes you got there, Jeanzl ;)
  19. THAT BEAR IS DEAD!!! I knived him! And maybe a diamond supoorter perk <3
  20. emc is a french vanilla server
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